Lenovo Vibe S1 Review, Pros and Cons, Features, Price

Lenovo has released numerous smartphones in the year 2015. The company who is best known to release mid ranged smartphones have come up with another Smartphone named Lenovo Vibe S1. The company was listed as one of the top five leading manufacturers of smartphones. It has released its new smartphone as a competition to One plus X.

The company which also owns Motorola is trying to get a strong hold in the mid ranged market, with release of this phone which comes up with features such as dual front camera, an octa-core processor, etc. Let’s see what this phone has to offer its customers.

Lenovo Vibe S1 Review – New Lenovo Smartphone comes with (8MP and 2MP) front facing Camera

Lenovo Vibe S1 CameraDesign and Look: While the phone under 20,000 tend to lose that aesthetic appeal, Lenovo Vibe S1 tends to stand out. With its metallic frame and matte finish body, the phone is physically appealing. Although the thickness of the phone is 7.8mm with a curved back, this doesn’t make the phone look bulky; instead, the curved back provides a slim feel.

The phone has a standard layout, and the volume buttons are provided on the right along with power buttons. The USB port and the speaker are located at the bottom, and the SIM tray is provided on the left. This phone has Gorilla Glass 3 on both its sides, and this adds to a reflective surface on the back. Apart from this, there are no logos in the front side of the phone, while the VIBE symbol is visible at the back.

Software: This smartphone runs on Android 5.1 with the default Lenovo UI on top. This single interface UI isn’t very much attractive in terms of its appearance; however changes have been made to increase the performance and response of this OS. There are some of the bloat wares present in this device which can’t be removed and the functionality is somewhat similar to that of stock Android UI.

Lenovo Vibe S1 Side View

Lenovo Vibe S1 Side View

Touch and Display: The phone utilises. The pixel density of 441ppi offered is quite impressive and viewing angles of this screen are exclusive. The Gorilla Glass 3 is utilized as the screen protection tends to acquire a few fingerprint impressions and smudges. The colors being displayed on the screen are vibrant, and the contrast levels are also good. The screen despite being LCD offers deep levels of blacks; however the screen tends to turn into mirror in case of poor lighting. The readability is good under daylight, and text appears to be crisp, and video viewing on this device is a pleasure.

Camera: This device tends to have a 13MP back camera along with two front cameras of 8MP and 2MP respectively. This is the first smartphone that has two front facing cameras. The main camera in the front is the 8MP camera, while the 2MP camera is primarily used for providing a sense of depth to your image.

The interface of the camera is easy to handle, and there are mainly three manual settings which are HDR mode, White balance and ISO levels. You have the option of switching between the auto and pan aroma mode. The front camera consists of some pretty interesting features such as mirror mode etc.

Lenovo Vibe S1 Unbox

If we talk about the images achieved through the two cameras, then the back camera wins in comparison to the front cameras. The back camera tends to produce detailed and crisp images in all lightning levels. Even when images are zoomed in, the crispiness is retained. The front camera is not that bad as it also tends to produce decent images, however, the lack of any front camera makes this camera non usable in low light situations.

Battery Life: The phone is powered by a 2420mAh battery which might be quite less as to what other phones in this range are offering. Nowadays a battery of 3000mAh has become a standard level. However, this doesn’t mean that this device is poor in terms of their battery. Concerning regular or let’s say basic usage such as browsing, calling, messaging, etc., this phone has proved to last for an entire day. However, if you are a heavy smartphone user, then you may need to carry an alternate power source for charging this device. The battery tends to drain even faster if used for gaming purpose.

Technical Specifications: The phone is powered by powerful MediaTek MT6752 chip and comes in loaded with 3GB of RAM which makes sure that the phone runs without any lags. Provided with an internal storage of 32 GB, you can expand the memory up to 128 by using Micro-SD cards.

Phone Accessories: When you unbox the device you will find a SIM ejector, a 2 Pin charger and a USB cable. Apart from this, for safety purpose, you will find a transparent back cover and a screen guard. One thing that people might miss is the in-ear headphones.

Variants: This phone is available in two colours- blue and white, and both of these are priced at 15999 INR. Both the colours of this phone are good but blue are something new and fresh.

Verdict: This phone is definitely something new in the below 20,000 smartphone bracket. The design of the phone is its main USP and this is what makes it stand out of the competition. The only competition to this phone in terms of its design is One Plus X. However, Vibe S1 overpowers it in terms of camera and battery life.

Although the performance of the phone is good, the camera quality could have been improved. Also, one thing that could be better was the battery life of this phone on heavy usage. However, the battery life of this phone is certainly good than One Plus X, but lower than MI4.

Therefore, in case you are not an avid gamer or social animal, then this phone is definitely worth trying. However, in case you can increase your budget a little, then there is Moto X Play, which poses a tough competition to this device.

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