Lenovo ZUK Z1 Review and Features Pros and Cons

Lenovo already owns two big names in the smartphone market. One being the Lenovo name itself while the second one being Motorola. Each of these names of the smartphone company has enabled it to sell numerous phones with different varieties worldwide.

A number of people in India are unknown to the ZUK Company, which is a Chinese Internet company. Now supported by Lenovo, this company has launched its first phone in India – Lenovo ZUK Z1. This device which was launched in September last year tends to have undergone many changes. There are numerous new features which have been included since then, and this smartphone is already being loved by the consumers. Let’s see what has made this phone all the more special.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 Features

With now, many of the manufacturers are trying to bring down the price of their phones by not including metal in their design; Lenovo Zuke Z1 has a lot to compete with. Therefore, this phone does tend to bring its price down but at the same time excels in its design. It has got a metal frame around the phone with Gorilla Glass in the front while a non-removable plastic case at the back sandwiched in between. It improves the quality of the phone while at the same time doesn’t produce any annoying noises during the usage of the phone. The only breaks that you would find in the metal frames are located on the top as well as on the bottom of the phone; these have been provided so that there is no interference with the radio signal.

The phone in terms of button placement has the volume as well power button on the right while the SIM tray is on the left. The phone doesn’t come with an expandable storage and hence you won’t find any Micro SD card reader. The bottom of the phone contains a microphone, speaker as well as USB Type-C port which are responsible for fast charging and data transfer. What we liked about the design was the integrate fingerprint sensor much like the same in Samsung Galaxy S7.


This phone comes pre-loaded with Cyanogen OS running along with Android Lollipop. This allows for the greater degree of flexibility as you can customize almost everything in this new OS. This OS was previously restricted to the Micromax phones, however, is not used by Lenovo too. It allows you to change fonts, the icon size as well as shade, the button function and a lot more.

What we found new in this phone was the option of advanced settings, one that allows for some deeper changes to be made on the phone.  These settings are usually not visible to the users, however, can be enabled manually. You can change the calibration levels of colors, density of LCDs and a lot more.

There are very few bloat wares present which is something that impressed us further.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 Display

This phone possesses a full HD LCD, which offers a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. It produces vibrant colors which are accurate however not to the same level of saturation as found in the AMOLED display. It has higher pixel per inches which allows for higher levels of sharpness and clearer visibility of text.

The images produced by the display looked sharp, and there are a number of features provided which allow you to change the color temperature and other settings. The advanced settings we talked about before lets you even calibrate the screen colors. There were some issues while reading the text under the bright sunlight.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 Camera

There aren’t too many drawbacks of the camera. However, there isn’t anything exceptionally great about the images they produce. Using this 13MP primary camera along with the new OS was an easy task and we couldn’t have expected anything more in this price range. The images produced by the camera are good and would impress the people viewing it on TV or any desktop. The autofocus feature was excellent, and the color levels were also good. The optical image stability was something that we loved and the images produced due to the same were sharp as well as attention to detail was present.

The camera did at some instance overexpose the images a little. Though, it was nothing that one could complain about.

Battery Life

Lenovo ZUK Z1 does come up with a powerful battery capacity of 4100mAh. It offers some serious power backing to the device. With the continuous connection with the Wi-Fi, playing games as well as using social networking sites, you still manage to get more than a day of usage. You will definitely have some hard time if you want to deplete the battery completely in the balanced mode.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 Accessories

Once you unbox the device apart from the handset, you get a user manual and a wall charger adaptor. You also get a USB type C cable for charging the headset. Apart from this, the company provides you a free flip cover for your device.


This phone which is available in two colors namely white and dark gray is available at a price of Rs. 13,499. Both the colors are excellent, but the gray one provides a bit of a finished look.


Lenovo ZUK Z1 Camera

This phone is surely one of the best with a perfect display and a phenomenon battery life. It also provides an easy interface with a UI, which is easy to handle and manipulate. The company has tried to make an offer that you can’t resist.

However, if we talk about the drawback, the phone does tend to possess some. It has an older version of chipset embedded in it and hence might not be able to process all the games and applications which are being released lately. The UI as well as the versions of Android are old and require updating. Also, the company does not provide an option of expandable storage.

But considering all the things if you don’t think that changing or evolving hardware is an issue for you then this phone is the one you can go for.

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