LG X Screen Review, Pros and Cons, Features Details, Price

Launched along with LG X Cam, LG X Screen is in no way less than its counterpart. The phone was launched in the month of February and has come up with the features that set apart in the world of smartphones. So why LG X Screen is called so? It is not because of the 4.9 inches display screen that it possesses. It is due to the feature of an always-on second screen which it has inherited from the LG V10 model. The second screen present above the main screen is 1.76 in display size and 520X80 concerning its resolution. Let’s see what else the company has to offer.

LG X Screen view

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Design Much like its counterpart, the LG X Screen comes up with a plastic body which makes it look a bit like a toy and thus gives an impression of being cheap. While the X-Cam had a bit of smooth matte finish on the back, X Screen come up with a shiny glass surface, much like the Samsung S7. The phone is a bit thicker with a 7.1mm of thickness but the compact size of the phone makes it easier to handle and use.

If we talk about the overall design of the phone, the power button is located on the right-hand side while the volume can be controlled with the buttons on the left. Down the screen is the LG logo located with the touch buttons on the screen. To sum up, the phone has been designed to provide ease of access to the customers. However, its plastic chassis isn’t the most attractive thing we have seen.

Software The phone runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0 with an on top LG UI, which tends to remove the app drawer from this device. This new UI tends to acquire almost 5 GB of space out of 16 GB provided by the company. Some improvements have been made to optimise the functionalities and so have new widgets been incorporated.

Keeping up the trend, LG hasn’t included any bloat wares and hence the phone runs pretty smooth. All the necessary applications can be found opening the main screen example Google Services, Tools menu and LG service-services.

LG X Screen view

Display The phone comes with a screen size of 4.9 inches and hence is a bit smaller than X-Cam.  However, talking about the screen which is one of the main USP’s of the phone the main screen has an acceptable balance of colours and brightness. You can notice a bit low resolution due to the size of the screen, but it is sufficient to meet your requirements.

The second screen is on all the time. However, you can choose to close it from settings. This is a bit useful feature which allows you to place quick access things such as time, date, etc. onto it and access them without powering on the battery. This screen also comes in handy when you are playing games etc. as the notifications won’t drop down onto the main screen. You can place shortcuts onto this screen for jumping in between apps and not heading back to the main screen.

There is an option of screen clipping which allows you to take screenshots of anything on the home screen and write on the top of it. However, this second does tend to affect the life of the battery.

LG X Screen view

Camera The phone comes up with a camera of 13 MP at the back and 8MP on the front. It is relatively easy to use and has fewer controls than X Cam. The image quality produced using the front camera and back camera is good and attention to details is also seen. There is a problem too that the front cam produces pale images in somewhat less light.

You can utilise the second screen to control the camera options as well. This keeps the viewfinder clear of any blocking.

Battery Life The phone comes with a battery of 2300mAh, which according to us is a bit less. The phone houses two screens, a powerful processor and a high resolution camera. If used continuously, the battery might have to struggle to last for an entire day. The second screen consumes 0.8% battery every hour, thereby reducing the battery life. So in case you are an avid gamer or a picture lover, you might require some additional power backup.

Technical Specifications The phone has been loaded with 1.2 GHz of quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, and this is why you will see a bit of lag when switching amongst applications. The Android Marshmallow is new, but what it fails to deliver is the smoothness seen in other LG smartphones.

The phone comes with a 16 GB of internal memory out of which 5GB is utilised by LG’s UI. So, you might require a memory card in the long run.

Phone Accessories Upon unboxing this device, you will find out a battery of capacity 2300 mAh, a warranty card and a user guide. Apart from this, you will find a charger and a USB data cable and for music lovers a 3.5mm headset.

Variants This phone is available in four different colours i.e. Silver, Gold, White and Pink Gold. Priced at Rs. 18-19 thousand this phone fails to deliver the premium touch. However, the black variant of this phone does to some extent to give a decent appearance and is resistant to any finger impressions.

My Verdict This phone is thicker and is made out of plastic; thereby the strength offered is questionable. However, the second screen that is offered makes it stand out of the competition. The concept of the second screen is surely appreciable; however, the price of the device might affect its demand.

It is a good option for people who are looking for a compact device with a decent camera quality. However, the battery life is a bit less for meeting your entire day requirements.

People, who are going for this phone to get a premium feel, will be left disappointed. Also, you can consider other smartphones such as Xiaomi Mi4 and Xiaomi MIi4C, which are a lot cheaper and offer better battery life and performance.