Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi Band 2 Pictures Leaked – First Look

Just a few days left for the unveiling of the three classic devices of Xiaomi, the Mi Max, Mi Band 2 and MIUI 8 ROM. And, suddenly the images of Mi Max and Mi Band 2 have leaked out.

According to the technology blog, Mobipicker, the leaked pictures of Mi Max has been alleged to be similar as regards to design with Mi Note contradicting preliminary reports, which mentioned that the device will sport the design language of company’s flagship Mi 5. And secondly, initial rumours of featuring the physical home button on the device are also bogus. The leaked online picture of the phablet claimed that the model will sport three capacitive buttons i.e. return, home, and recent at the bottom of the display.  The photo also describes that the phablet sports a metal-based frame around the edge. Apart from this, the size is speculated to be above 5.0 inches. In supplement, the disclosed picture also shows the side profile of the handset.

Prior gossips which were made, say that the Mi Max features a full-HD display with 1920×1080 pixels. It will run on the Android Lollipop version and is said to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 hexacore processor. It is expected that the device will be equipped with a 2GB RAM and a 16GB inbuilt memory. And, at last, it is being anticipated that the handset will sport a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera.

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Apart from this, the Mi Band 2 pictures are also leaked in Weibo post. As per the prior rumours, the smartwatch is expected to come with a display that shows time and other fitness details also. And now, the snap shows that the wearable device will also display the battery status of the device. The device is praised for its long battery life and the potential for resisting dust and water. It has been projected that the new MiBand will bring the biggest change in the older generation of smartwatches as the gadget will have a small display and will decrease the dependence on the connected smartphones. Further on, the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun was previously spotted wearing the smart band which shows display and was believed to be the Mi Band 2.

As of now, to know the full proved specs of the three specified devices i.e. Mi Band 2, MIUI 8 ROM, and Mi Max, we will have to wait for a week i.e. 10 May.