Samsung with exclusive S Bike Mode feature

Samsung’s new feature: Innovation is becoming the USP of Samsung. The largest selling Android smartphone – Samsung is now coming with another incredible feature for two-wheeler riders.

Samsung has announced the first ever feature for two-wheeler riders which facilitates you with a relaxed ride, without any tension of calls on your phone. This superb feature is called as “S Bike Mode.” You’ll be able to experience this remarkable feature in Samsung Galaxy J3.

How will this feature give you a stress-free ride?

You need not do anything more than activating the S Bike Mode of your phone at the beginning of your trip. Before you start driving your two-wheeler, just switch your phone to this mode. After this, whenever anyone will call you, he will automatically be notified by an automated answering machine that you are riding, and you’ll not be able to take up the call right then.

This will not disturb you and you ride will remain uninterrupted and calm. The feature doesn’t end here. It is expanded to the facility that if the call is extremely urgent, the caller can press 1 to communicate his urgency. This will take the call further, and the caller will be able to talk to the rider.

Samsung is making magnificent innovations helping us leading our life in a better way. The Vice President of Samsung Mr. Asim Warsi says that this specification has been innovated as we understand that phone call is a major distraction for riders. So, this feature will promote responsible, happy and a safe riding.

Samsung J series was launched in 2015 with UDS feature, which is Ultra Data Saving. This mode helped users to save their mobile data usage up to 50%. Now, another creativity which has been done by Samsung is S Bike Mode. Both of these superb specifications are present in Samsung J series. Samsung J3 priced at 8,990 INR is an exclusive phone with innovative specifications, a thing to be appreciated!

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