Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review – Every thing you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review: ‘Samsung’- a company that needs no introduction, a company that has excelled in delivering the finest products known to everyone all over the world, is again coming up this year with its most awaited smartphone of the year-‘Samsung Galaxy Note 6’. The company has already earned a lot of fame for its Galaxy series of smartphones and on top of that the ‘Galaxy Note’ series of Samsung hardly needs any introduction.

The smartphone lovers all over the world are well aware of the great royal specifications of this series of Galaxy Note that first made its appearance in September 2012 with its first launch Galaxy Note 2. Every year a new Note has made its appearance in either September or October but this time Samsung is all set to give its customers an astounding shrill by releasing its finest new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 on July. As per the rumors, it is being said that the phone is not going to be released before September this year but all of the Galaxy Note lovers are eagerly waiting for this brand new product to be released on July and even earlier than that if it is possible.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review. Samsung recently launch new Note 6, with great features and specs. Check more price, details, rating and pros cons

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review: A bundle of new features added to Galaxy Note 6

Design and Look: As everyone knows Samsung has always flared up the gadget market by introducing its products those are superbly stunning and have some eye-piercing looks. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 too is expected to have an outstanding appearance and design specifications that would bring about Tsunami in the world of android market. ‘Samsung Galaxy Note’ is primarily an instance of ‘Android-based’ top of the line cell phones and tablets that are created and showcased by Samsung Electronics on its way and the top of the line ranking of this series is mainly provided by its Pen-Stylus facility. This model is being shipped with a Stylus Pen and also fuse a weight delicate Wacom Digitizer. Nothing as such has been officially disclosed by the company but this phone is expected to inherit a lot of its design characteristics from its predecessor Galaxy Note 5. It would be still as big but slimmer, framed by sleek metal and glass.

Touch and Display: This phone has finest of the display characteristics that is definitely expected from a ‘Note’- smartphone. The screen size of this phone as officially declared by the company is 6inches to 6.5inches and would give you a pure 4K screen resolution with at least 800ppi pixel density which has been considered as the best till date. This new Samsung phablet is also being said to have a unique feature of having a bendable or foldable display. The phone would also feature a fingerprint scanner and a retina scanner too.

Software and Hardware: In comparison to the present era of smartphones Galaxy Note 6 will be better, smarter and bigger. It would be a very advanced smartphone with very advanced software and hardware features. As expected the phablet would be releasing on third quarter of 2016 with the latest android of 2K16- the ‘Marshmallow’ and the largest capacity of RAM till date, that is 8GB which is really going to make this phone very powerful. If we move to the processor section of the smartphone, we all know that Samsung launches its Note series every time with a new chipset.

So the chipset of Note 6 would also be a brand new one and way too advanced. It is expected that in 2016 we would see Galaxy Note 6 Exynos version with the first 16-core processor of Samsung. Galaxy Note 6 has different flavors of inbuilt storage that ranges from 16GB to 256GB. Yes, the 8GB RAM of Note 6 will be accompanied by 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB of internal memory that would vary with price. So, we can expect that the upcoming Note 6 will have up to 256GB of in-built storage. There are also rumors that the Note 6 will have expandable memory card slot that will be available with 32GB model and above.

Camera: As we know that today’s generation is more addicted to selfies, the company is also focusing more on its camera. Certainly, a high-end smartphone is incomplete with a high-end camera so Samsung is all set to give you the best camera experience. Galaxy Note 6 will be coming with a 30 megapixel rear camera and a 16 megapixel front-facing camera. It is expected that this phablet will deliver the best picture quality that no other Samsung smartphone has provided till now. The 16 megapixel front-facing camera is neatly going to deliver a DSLR standard selfie. And ofcourse! The rear camera will definitely deliver extraordinarily beautiful and sharp images as is expected from a 30megapixel camera sensor. The camera features included in this phone are Auto focus, optical image stabilization, rapid charging, wireless charging and 3K-4K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Review. Samsung recently launch new Note 6, with great features and specs. Check more price, details, rating and pros cons

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Battery Life: The battery power of this new generation phablet is officially said to have 4500mAh. 4500mAh battery life can definitely be considered very well as long as the 16-core processor and the 6.2inches display do not consume much. But no worries as this awesome phablet is going to come with a fast charging technology that is rumored to charge 40 percent of the battery in just 4 minutes. This fast charging technology is certainly the fastest till date.

Price and Variants: The expected standard price of Galaxy Note 6 is rumored to be Rs,76,499 in India and even Note 6 with the least inbuilt-storage is said to come at a price higher than Rs.50,000. The color variants as of now are expected to be two- Black and White.

Suggestions: As we all know, Galaxy Note are the premium quality cell phones produced by Samsung and Note 6 the best among them. This phablet is technologically smarter than others and more advanced than other premium-quality smartphones currently in the market. The features are just so sound that everyone is craving for its release date. The pure android experience with 4K foldable display and the latest processor with 8GB of RAM and so many varieties of inbuilt storage, these many facilities are hardly expected in any other smartphone. The company is providing the best technology for the design of Note 6. This phablet once released is expected to rash every sales record. The smartphone wouldn’t be even limited to this, it can even have much more impressive specifications and features.

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