Android Circuit Nokia 8 Launch Date and New Galaxy Note 8 Design Leaks

Looking at Android’s seven-day news and headlines across the world; Samsung has confirmed the Note 8 design, issues of fingerprint for foals, Emperor Edition of Note 8, the date of launch of Nokia 8, 911 bug fix of OnePulse 5, Pixel 2 traffic barrier, Microsoft connects itself to their Android smartphones, and the impact of Apple’s design cues on Android.

Android Circuit is here, want to remind you about some of the things that happened around Android last week

Samsung explains its note 8 design

Who knows how Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks? Who has leaked the device and some key factors?

But most importantly, Samsung left the biggest conversations of two handsets. Multiple leaks from reliable sources have shown that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the largest premium smartphone, which has confirmed 6.3 inches, 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. Now Samsung’s official slogan for the event is: “Do Bigger Things.”

It is focused on the productivity of the famous glass of Galaxy note range (decoration has also been highlighted in the invitation), but it is a way that Samsung prepares people for the size of a display that initially seems off-putting.

Fingerprint is a weak point

nokia 8 launch date

By pushing the technology envelope with the Galaxy Note 8, the opponents can search for weak points in the package, which can be used to sell their handsets instead of the South Korean phablet. One of these weaknesses may be the lack of front fingerprint sensors, in which areas Apple might benefit from.

Apple is also working on removing its fingerprint sensor from its home screen button. It is not clear at the moment that Apple is moving the sensor back, it might be included in the power button, or achieving holy grille of the 2017 design and getting it inside the glass. Tim Cook and his team can completely remove this by giving them a chance to rely on facial identities.

Apple’s decision does not make any difference; the fingerprint identification area is one area where a slight benefit from Apple or Samsung might be a bulk point of spec list that tends to override the average consumer’s decision-making process.

Here Comes the Emperor

Did any Android Phablet beat Galaxy Note 8? Samsung’s premium smartphone can have some exciting competition in the segment because the company of South Korea increases the base model to produce the most powerful limited edition.

Note 8 package comes with a list of already powerful features. It is expected that the dual camera at rear (and also, unfortunately, fingerprint sensor), 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, micro SD Card extension, a new curved screen that addresses the biggest complaints of the Galaxy S8, Support for the small bezel and Samsung’s S-Pen

The latest indications are that Phablet will have ‘Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition’, with the internal storage of 64GB model and a massive mass of 256 GB internal storage. Ram also has the capability to carry up to 6 GB, even though the 6GB is visible in a handset such as an OnePlus 5, its advantage can be given to the entire portfolio.

New Nokia 8 Description and Launch Date

nokia 8 launch date

As soon as HMD Global’s flagship Android-based phone is released, system leaks from chip and memory to double camera and storage. And a big fashionable look for China.

The handset is still the ‘Nokia 8’ to be released, and it is expected that the handset will come with a Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip, 4GB RAM, and 64GB internal storage, which can be promoted through micro SD card. The back of the handset is also being produced with a dual-camera system, potentially run by the Zeiss and its recently announced partnership with HDM.

Nokia 8 and the latest look does not come from some leaked press shots or faulty lists in an online store. Instead, it comes from Baidu Forum. It looks unusual like renderers and leak design, a gold version of Nokia 8 has been seen in the hands of the user.