The New Leaks of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is Out and There are Some Great News for Us

Launching Of Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The latest phablet of Samsung i.e. the Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in next week. This launching will take place due to the fiery fate of Galaxy Note 7. It is a replacement of Galaxy Note 5. The fans of the Note have to wait for a long time. These fans can get satisfied by the South Korean Company. The scope of Note 8 will be very wide. Samsung is promising three massive advantages for providing solid performance and spectacular success.

Three Massive Advantages


We have to start with timing. Samsung acts aggressively in its scheduling. If the batting order of the late 2017 flagships is considered then, this phablet will be first. The potential to hit the home run is firstly attained by this device. The battleground in the media can be defined by Note8. Note 8 can also be served as iPhone. The whole functionalities of iPhone will be supported by this phablet. In other words, it is the device which will be well equipped with the features and specifications of iPhone. Secondly, this device can become attractive due to its number of selling points concerning the enterprise market. The strong feature of dual SIM will be a part of its massive advantages.

The utility of the phablet can be increased by European Models. Ability to work for long periods away from a desktop, excess of storage, carrying secure files and backing up of data on the device will be allowed by MicroSD support available in it. The feature of S-pen will distinguish this phablet of Note 8 from other devices. The third advantage will be the sheer size of the phablet. The size of this phablet will be 6.4 inch. If we concern with other iPhones then, their size is between 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. It will give the tough completion to Apple. We can recognise Note 8 as the phablet of the year.