Qualcomm Launched Its New Depth Sensing Qualcomm Camera

Qualcomm which is known as the chipset maker for the smartphone has introduced a new technology, which can be seen in the Android smartphones soon. Qualcomm has announced the new depth-sensing feature which is expected in the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. This feature will enable the android devices by new generation Spectra image signal processors and camera modules. It is expected to launch in the upcoming flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform smartphone.

On Tuesday it is claimed by the Qualcomm that this is the first depth sensing camera technology designed for the Android ecosystem, which will unveil new camera modules with depth sensing, Spectra ISPs, and infrared capabilities. The new Spectra ISPs and camera modules were engineered for both smartphone and head-mounted devices (HMDs) as said by the company.

Ability to have 3D Qualcomm camera in smartphone-

For the next Snapdragon Mobile and VR Platforms, The new Spectra ISPs bear a new camera architecture designed for advancements in computer vision, image quality, and power efficiency. Including an iris authentication module, an active depth sensing module and a passive depth sensing module are added in the trio of the camera module.

Entry-Level Computer Vision setup and a Premium Computer Vision kit have also been unveiled by the Qualcomm. Active depth sensing which was demoed through a video can also be done by the premium computer vision kit. Despite the camera shooting only from above the leaked video also shows how the processor was able to make a 3D image of a hand playing piano. The Qualcomm also said that the new ISP (part of the new family of Spectra ISPs) uses an IR camera, an infrared illuminator, and a 16-megapixel RGB camera to create 3D images of the things captured through the camera.

There are more than 10,000 points of depth and can discern up to 0.125mm between the dots which are used by this depth sensing camera according to the reports. 3D object reconstruction, mapping, localization, artificial depth of field in images and facial detection can also be done by the new camera introduced by Qualcomm. The other available two cameras might have the same features at the inferior price but they will consume more power. It can detect your eyes even when you have sunglasses on that accurate and powerful is its iris authentication as claimed by the Qualcomm.

As we said above that this features might be included by the Qualcomm in the next flagship Snapdragon Mobile Platform. It also means that the upcoming smartphone with the new Snapdragon processors from the Samsung and other OEMs might see these new ISPs.