WhatsApp gets new update; allow media bundling

WhatsApp’s Android users are finally receiving a new update that will support the transfer of all files that includes archives and shared media.  Remarkably, these new features were earlier seen on Android Beta and now it will be seen for the general users. These features are the latest features that WhatsApp rolled out in the year 2017. The users are still waiting for the final roll out of the message recall feature that has been seen a couple of times.

The Android users can go to Google Play Store to update their WhatsApp to the latest version. Other than the feature of transferring all types of file and media bundling, the update also allows the text formatting in the chat. When typing the chat, users can tap and hold the selected key to conveniently bold, italicize, or strikethrough. This feature was earlier available to only WhatsApp beta version.

The previous month, WhatsApp started testing the support for all types of file transfers on iPhone, Android, and Windows with a particular number of users hence removing the problem of WhatsApp sharing.


Media Bundling on WhatsApp

Last month many beta users also started getting new shared media bundling updates. WhatsApp users will now be allowed to send a whole bunch of pictures to their contacts, and they will receive a bunch of pictures rather than receiving one after one. With this latest update, once the user opens the album all the images will be shown on one page. This feature also shows that WhatsApp will have more space for shared pictures. iPhone users got this feature of media bundling last month and improve the experience of sharing multiple images. The new feature for WhatsApp for Android also bring small changes to the call display where the users will be now able to swipe up rather than sideways to answer the call.