Samsung Galaxy S9 Is Tipped to Feature Fingerprint Scanner In Its Display

The Korean smartphone manufacturer company Samsung had faced tricky situations after placing the fingerprint scanner at the back side of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 series earlier this year. But now there are reports that new flagship of Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone might feature the fingerprint sensor embedded in the front display touch, which is expected to launch in mid-2018.



As reported by KGI, with just remaining one year from now in Galaxy S9, Samsung has no obvious motivation to chance to have an under-display fingerprint scanner. Since Apple has dropped joining one in its next iPhone – known to be as the iPhone 8 – Samsung can sit back and relax for when it releases its next Galaxy S smartphone, it might bring the element to one year from now’s in Galaxy Note 9. Basically, the Galaxy S9 will allegedly come with a traditional back mounted unique finger print scanner, though one that is set at a more ergonomic position. The Galaxy Note 9,  may witness a radical move by they way we interact – unlock and lock – with our smartphones in the days to come.

Since OLED iPhone has wiped out under-display unique fingerprint recognition/touch ID function, and as Galaxy S9 will have the new offering purposes of updated iris recognition and double camera, Samsung has no compelling reason to chance to embrace under-display optical fingerprint scanner arrangement in a rush as said by 9 to 5 Google cites KGI.

Samsung, according to the report, would be hoping to improve its current iris and facial recognition advances, particularly after reports rose at first that it was very simple to trick the Galaxy S8/S8+’ by using a photograph of the client. The unique mark scanner, in spite of the fact that it would, in any case, be situated at the back, would involve a more ergonomic position, likely underneath the camera module. On account of the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, it lies ideal by the camera module which makes using it very disappointing.


Since using an under-display unique finger print scanner – instead of a traditional unique fingerprint sensor – would expand cost by 4-5 times, Samsung would need to hold up before making the jump, the report includes. The Galaxy Note 9 would be the smartphone that would really deliver with such an innovation.

Samsung will in the mean time release the Galaxy Note 8 – successor to now dead Galaxy Note 7 – in New York City on August 23. The tipster had not just figured out how to get a grip of what he said were legitimate press renders, he had likewise figured out how to take a few to get back some composure of the full and last spec-sheet of the smartphone being referred to.

The smartphone, on the center of what Blass revealed, resembles a powerhouse and considerably more unique compared to the Galaxy S8 Plus. The most remarkable addition would be a Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ like Infinity screen and double back cameras.