Samsung J5 Review – The budget all rounder Smartphone

Samsung J5 Review: As the name suggests, the whole galaxy of the technology world gets shined with the name of ‘Samsung Galaxy’ and we wonder why not? Indeed, Samsung Galaxy has been a pioneer when it comes to Android phones; it is the one that has introduced the world to the smartphones. So definitely, it is a difficult task for Samsung to live up to the standard which it has set itself. To live up to the expectations of its customers, Samsung officially launched its new J series of smartphones in June 2015, and this smart new phone got on to a sale via all retail channels after ten days of its inception.

Since then the Tech world has been speculating over this new launch of Samsung as Samsung promises to provide a lot new latest features in this phone at just an affordable price of Rs. 11,999. Samsung is staking a claim in the mid-range segment with this phone. Since Samsung has been a trusted name as a smartphone and consumer electronic brand so we do expect a lot from Samsung.

Samsung J5 Review: Mid range smartphone with attractive slim design and solid capabilities

Now let’s have a look what this gadget carries that we can invest in it:

Design and Look: The phone has nothing new with its design and look. Regarding appearance, this phone is quite the same as the earlier Galaxy smartphones of Samsung. It is not sleek; it has retained its bulky look and also has those faux-metal side bezels. The sides of the phone have a shiny plastic cover which makes it look a bit tacky. Galaxy J5 has got a bit compact size, so it is easier to hold, and we can even reach all corners of the screen. So honestly, Samsung has kept it very simple which might be a little sad news for all of them who were expecting to buy a trendy phone within budget.

Touch and Display: Samsung J5 has a 5 inches Super AMOLED HD display with a screen resolution of 720X1280pixel. Well! This resolution screen was expected at this price, so it is nothing that appreciative. But yes the brightness and display of colors can be considered as good. Galaxy J5 seems to look saturated and more vibrant than the screens of other smartphones which are available in this range.

Software: Samsung Galaxy J5 is using Android version of 5.1.1 (Lollipop) and is powered by 1.2GHz 64-bit Quadcore Snapdragon 410. The RAM size is 1.5GB, and the internal storage is of 8GB which could have been considered good at the time it was launched but now with the competition growing fiercer with the mid-range smartphones, there are other companies which are providing better features at its price.

It has a 4G LTE connectivity which is good news for all the game lovers as it may help them deliver a good online-gaming experience. As according to the company, this phone 2300MHz TDD-LTE Band 40 along with 1800MHz FDD-LTE Band 3. Well! Airtel is using Band 40 for its 4G services in India presently, and other companies are lining up for their 4G services using Band 3.

Camera: The cameras of this phone are quite impressive be it the rear one or the front. The rear camera with an aperture of f/1.9 and strength of 13MP works well. It delivers beautiful photos with great picture quality. Galaxy J5 supports seven modes namely Panorama, Auto, Continuous, Sport, Pro, Beauty Face, Shot, and Sound & Shot. With these modes, you can click amazing photos which is of great advantage for the amateur photographers. The front camera too delivers beautiful selfies with its 5MP resolution (a marvelous treat for all the girls). Samsung’s J Series also has a great feature for all the shutterbugs.

Samsung J5 Review- Mid range smartphone with attractive slim design and solid capabilities. Best features in J5 HD screen, battery life. Check Specs details

Samsung J5 Review

Battery Life: This new start of J series has a 2600mAh battery life which is quite impressive. Unfortunately, the charging up of battery requires a painfully long time of exactly 3 hours with its standard 5V/2A charger once drained out entirely. But the phone can stand out whole day long with the regular daily usage. You can get around 5-6 hours of on-screen time with a bit of gaming, texting, 2-3 hours of talking and a bit of internet browsing. Overall, the battery life is ideal for this incredible price.

Variants: The Samsung Galaxy J5 has seven models or variants which differ according to some features and specifications, a difference in built-in storage or just 3G/4G frequencies that depend on the connectivity in a country. Among the color variants of white, black and gold, gold is the most popular in the market right now.

Phone accessories: The phone comes with the usual phone accessories like any other Samsung phone as a standard 5V/2A charger, a headset, a USB cable, a micro SD card and some catalogs.

Honest Suggestions: Though this phone looks a bit tacky if we go for appearance, but it stands out exceptionally good when it comes to camera features. In addition to this, Samsung is offering Lollipop 5.1.1 at such nominal price. Plus the 4G connectivity that it provides and even the graphics that it support is quite impressive. This phone is extremely popular among the gamers, and the battery life is tremendous.

Samsung’s J series has been liked by many owing to the brand name that Samsung holds and also the features that it provides at such a cheap cost. Samsung has shown a massive success in its Galaxy series and continues to be so with its new affordable mid-range Galaxy J series. Well, this phone has all the features that a buyer would care for, but it also does not seem to be a good runner with all its contenders providing better qualities within respective price brackets. Galaxy J5 doesn’t have some latest features like high-resolution screens or motion sensors. At this price budget, we could have better expectations from its screen resolution as 720p turns out to be quite outdated now.

Galaxy j5 makes us a bit unhappy in this regard but if we go by the snappy processor, the latest version of Android, expandable storage, a decent camera and a powerful battery then we can recommend this phone for a better go.

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