Samsung has released a preventative statement in its defence

Samsung has released a preventative statement in its defence

We would not be wrong if we say that 2016 has been one of the worst years for Samsung’s smartphone business. After being reported a few fire and explosion by the users, the South Korean tech giant earlier this year permanently suspended Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Now subsequent to a couple of reports of Samsung’s premium Galaxy S7 smartphone caught fire, Samsung has released a preventative statement.

The company in its statement quoted that Samsung has confidence in the quality and safety of the Galaxy S7 series. Besides, there has been no verified cases of internal battery failure with these devices in the midst of more than 10 million users of this device in the United States, though the company has verified a few occurrences that caused severe external damage. Until it is able to obtain and inspect any device, it is impossible to draw a valid conclusion of any incident.


Earlier, Samsung began to send pop-up messages to Galaxy S7 users reassuring them that the Galaxy S7 smartphones were safe and there was no recall for them.

In the most recent explosion case, a user of Samsung Galaxy S7 claimed that his device exploded resulting second and third degree burn on his hands. In another incident that was reported last month, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was exploded while on the charge. The user said that he was charging the device with the Samsung charger overnight when all of the sudden the handset caught fire. There was another case reported in which the user claimed that his Galaxy S7 Edge exploded inside the pocket resulting second and third-degree burns.

In a separate case that was reported in France, a Samsung Galaxy J5 user claimed that his phone caught fire and exploded. Apparently, Samsung is not the only smartphone brand which is dealing with exploding problems, users have reported a couple of similar issues on the new iPhones.

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