Samsung J1 Expert Review, Features and Price details

Samsung J1 Review: With the aim of re-establishing its market in the Indian subcontinent, Samsung has come up with its new J series of smartphone. The recent launch of the budget Samsung J1 has proved that company is trying very hard to regain its customer base in India. Competing strongly with its competitors such as Apple, this time, company has focussed on the low budget people, and has come up with this phone which is all the more affordable.

This smartphone has been released at a time when the market has already been acquired by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Motorola, etc. Therefore, in order to leave a strong impression on the market, this phone really needed to provide something that people have not seen for quite a while.

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Except for the price factor which sure is exciting let’s see what more can this smartphone offer to its customers.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Launch in India

DESIGN: Samsung in the recent years hasn’t changed much in the design of its smartphones, and Samsung J1 looks similar in design when compared to other smartphones manufactured by the company. There is only a slight difference which is visible when held in hand- the top and bottom edges of the phone have been raised slightly. You might think of it as a covering on the top; however, it is more of an improvement in design as mentioned by the company.

The phone has both front and back made up of plastic, and the volume buttons are placed as usual on the left while the power button is located on the right. You can find the usual Samsung home button located just beneath the screen. This phone feels pretty comfortable to be held in the hand and does not slip out of grip.

SOFTWARE: This gadget runs on one of the older Kitkat Android, which we were disappointed to see. Being a phone of new times, we at least expect the up to date version of Android to be installed. Android is covered with the Samsung’s custom UI on the top. What Samsung’s phones are known for is the additional features they offer on top of the custom Android experience; however, all of them are missing in this smartphone. You even don’t get a music player and are forced to use the Google Play Music services.

If you enter the setting menu there isn’t anything new, even most of the options are missing or are the ones which you are already using. Yes, Samsung over the years is cutting on their bloat wares but in this case, it is the inability of the phone to handle too many apps that have led to cutting down of some applications.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Camera Front and Rear

samsung Galaxy J1

DISPLAY: This device comes in with a 4.3 inches of LCD display which offers a resolution of 800X480 pixels. As expected, there is nothing great about the display and the colours are not that vibrant. The contrast levels also could be improved and the inclusion of ambient light sensor could have improved the quality. The viewing angles of this device are so-so and you won’t be clearly able to figure out what is happening on the device.

Samsung this time hasn’t manufactured this phone with the same love as it did with Z1. Z1 offered a significant level of display despite being a low budget phone. One feature that we liked about this phone was the brightness levels. This means that this phone tends to offer brilliant levels of brightness which can be adjusted manually also; outdoor mode is available where the brightness levels increase a bit.

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CAMERA: This is one area where we think that the company has put all the attention on. It doesn’t mean that the camera quality is great, but yes it stands out when all other features of the phone are compared. This phone comes in loaded with a 5MP camera which produces above average images. The noise levels in images are also low. But under low light situations, these cameras are ineffective.

The front camera is one thing that we liked. The 2MP camera does manage to capture some strong details and Samsung allows you to click images with a gesture of palm. There is some noise present in the image. The only thing odd about this camera is that it takes few seconds to process and store the images, which apparently we are not used to.

BATTERY LIFE: This phone comes in with an 1850mAh battery which is sufficient for an entire day of usage. Yes as there are not too much features to handle, this phone can easily last whole day long with two SIM cards inserted. It also has an Ultra power mode in it which enables you to use this phone without any hesitation of battery getting dried out.

PHONE ACCESSORIES: Upon unboxing the device apart from the set, you will get a wall charger, a USB cable, and the user manual. Music lovers would be delighted to hear that it comes with a set of earphones too.

VARIANTS: It comes in three colors namely white, black and blue. All these colors look exquisite, and you can choose anyone which suits you the best.

VERDICT: This device would have been a good option if launched a year or two before. However at this time when you are getting 1GB RAM and all the more features for the same price, going for this phone is certainly not worth it.

Performance wise this phone lags a lot and all you have to do is wait in case you open up a heavy application. Yes, in case you only want a phone to take calls then this is a good option to consider. Other than that there is no point in going for this phone. And for you if only use is buying a phone with call facility then why not go for Z1, it offers similar UI at a much affordable price.

There are other phones such as Redmi 1s etc. which you can go for as better alternatives.

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