Samsung Note 7 users filed the class-action suits in South Korea

Samsung Note 7 users filed the class-action suits in South Korea

Samsung started a worldwide evoke in September after the reports of newly launches smartphone was causing burns and property damage. Many Samsung Note 7 users filed the class-action suits in South Korea.The number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 buyers claiming recompense for being inconvenienced by the trouble caused by the device is rising day by day.

This seems like a first Note 7 associated class-action lawsuit in South Korea, around 527 smartphone users are in line claiming Samsung Electronics Corporation reimburse each claimant about 500,00 won for their incontinence caused by the burning of the handset.
Ko Young, a lawyer for Seoul-based Harvard Law, which filed the lawsuit along with Seoul Central District Court on Monday, confirmed that they have decided to file a lawsuit every month. The firm in just five days had more than 500 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users sign up for the lawsuit.

The Suwon-based company sent a message to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users in Korea appealing they visit their nearest store to get their handset exchanged for new ones.
Ko said that the users had to revisit the store to get their phone’s batteries examined before they had to download a program that only provided 60 percent of battery capacity. Samsung asked the users to come back again for the recall.

Among the complaints received by the law firm, three users claimed that their handsets caught on fire. Ko ensured that the firm would prepare a separate case for them.
The suit in Korea appeared a few days after the Note-7 based class-action suit was filed in the US. The user there was claiming unspecified damages and an order that required the company to repair, recall, or replace the smartphone and extend its warranties.

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Samsung after the long silence announced that it would  exchange the user’s smartphones with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and discount on the upcoming Note 8 or S8 phones expected to launch next year.