Ahead of CES 2017, Samsung CH711 Curved Monitor Quantum Dot was unveiled for Gamers

Ahead of CES 2017, Samsung CH711 Curved Monitor Quantum Dot was unveiled for Gamers

Demonstrating its continued leadership of the entertainment visual display market, on Thursday, Samsung particularly for gamers revealed a new device with Quantum Dot technology is called Samsung CH711 curved monitor. At the CES 2017, the monitor will be officially launched along with its price ranges and availability details.

The monitor will be provided in 31.5 inches and 27-inch screen variants with 1800R of radius curvature and a 178-degree viewing angle. Its functional design enables the viewers to manage the monitor’s vertical and horizontal positioning for more comfort. The CH711 curved monitor takes the viewer on to a whole new level with its 2560×1440 WQHD resolution and about 125 percent sRBG colour coverage. The monitor can be flipped vertically as well.

The monitor sports a three-sided boundless design, with a groove ring on the top and either side holding the screen. The power cable and the HDMI cable are well hidden inside its neck giving it a clean slate look.

The event at CES 2017, Samsung will be featuring the CFG70 and CF791 curved Quantum dot monitor models as well. It was introduced at IFA 2016 in September and has already released in the United States.

The Quantum dots does not straggle as an OLED panel does which makes it ideal for gamers, but as claimed that the picture quality and contrast offered by an OLED monitor is far more superior than Quantum dot monitors.

Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business, Seoggi Kim, announcing the new Samsung CH711 curved monitor said that today’s multimedia have high expectations regarding the visuals and they demand a truly innovative and breathtaking experience that realizes the possibilities of whatever they are watching or playing.

The Samsung CH711 curved monitor will be launched in early 2017 but no pricing details for the monitor has been specified by the company.


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