Why is Sarahah App the Talk of the Internet World?

Every day we see there something new in this technology world and here comes something new called as Sarahah App about which everyone is discussing and trying to use. The Sarahah app is an anonymous messaging service app. The user needs to register them and then they can share the link with their friends and with the help of that link can send them anonymous messages. The receiver has no mode of knowing who posted the message.

Basically, the Sarahah was made only as a website generated by the Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. The aim of this website was very simple- it permitted workers to post unidentified constructive feedback to their owners. This helped the people who had something to say, but never spoke up as they can be fired. Later, this concept was applied with friends and other acquaintances as well giving anonymous feedback to each other. This is what made it more popular and attractive in the Africa and the Middle East region.


Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq has released Sarahah app on 13 June 2017 on both the IOS App store and Google Play Store and has spread like a fire especially among the youth.

The Sarahah app is making headlines because of its anonymous quality, and this makes people more exciting as their actions will have no repercussion, and they can say whatever they want. Many parents do not find it appealing as it can give rise to cyberbullying. Even many people received death threats as well, and it can harm the mental stability of the individual. So, use it if you have a brave heart and have the courage to handle the adverse situations. The anonymous nature of this app can harm or benefit you so use it with cautiousness.