Over the weekend, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi VR Play headset in India

Over the weekend, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi VR Play headset in India

Xiaomi unveiled the Mi VR Play headset in India. The device is priced at Rs. 999 and will be made available via Xiaomi’s store from December 21st onward. The Chinese manufacturer has confirmed that only limited edition Mi VR Play headsets will be made available for sales.

To begin with, the headset was first launched back in August; the Mi VR Play headset comes with ‘two-way zipper design’ that Xiaomi claims that it will allow the smartphone to move in and out of the headset easily at the same time will ensure it doesn’t fall out of the handset. Additionally, the company released another plastic-built VR headset in October as well.

The Mi VR Play headset is Google Cardboard compatible and lets the users view 360-degree YouTube videos and Mi Live VR live streams. The device is also compatible with Google Cardboard Camera app that allows the users to snap VR photos.

The Mi VR Play comes with Lycra material and features dual front openings for slight positioning adjustment and ventilation. The new VR Play is compatible with devices ranging from 4.7-inches to 5.7-inch display. The company claims that Mi VR Play headset can easily fit Mi Note and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The device features anti-reflective lens for better image clarity. The optical-grade aspheric lens features high tolerance interval of 0.1mm. It also comes with a textured metal button which when clicked; a silicon button inside makes direct contact with the mobile phone. The dimensions of the Mi VR Headset are measured at 201x107x91mm, and it weighs 208.7 grams. The company has also introduced non-slip pads into the headset.

Xiaomi has also released Mi Live, a live video streaming app, in India. This new app is available via Google Play. Commenting on its launch the company said that Mi Live is its own live streaming application with locally sourced content and it allow viewing hosts from across the nation

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