Now WhatsApp For Business Is The New Talk

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in the world. In the present time if some want to send you something he/she says I will WhatsApp you. If you want to send any message, contact, image or video then also WhatsApp. It is almost impossible if someone having the smartphone is not using the WhatsApp. So the Whatsapp has become the important part of our daily life.

WhatsApp For Business


Whatsapp always tries to keep its users up to date, earlier this month they launch the feature of color texting and there is now the confirmation from the officials about the WhatsApp for business. In this feature of WhatsApp for business, the users can engage with businesses to ask questions look for supportive help or more. Regarding their service such as hotel bookings, delay in flights, etc this feature can be used by businesses to keep the users informed.

The leaked information that the business users will get to benefit with WhatsApp via the service get even before the WhatsApp for Business service could be confirmed by the platform’s FAQ page. The leaked information about WhatsApp for business also suggests that WhatsApp might inflict some of the restrictions such as the necessity to mention a website and email address in their profile, and not being able to change the name for the business users. Additionally, by the business users, there might also be controls to prevent spamming.


There are also indications that, next to the contact’s name on WhatsApp the verified business accounts will have a green badge as similar to twitter. These messages are a part of the pilot program while the verification feature is right not only restricted to those businesses. This feature was first spotted on the beta version of the WhatsApp. The working hours can be set with an update in the app and also the business person may leave an Away message whenever they are not available and manage the messages automatically.

The leaks also show that app might also feature a ‘Show More’ button in the business accounts which gives the whole information of the business such as working hours and category. When you start talking to a business WhatsApp will also let you know via yellow messages inside a chat.