Apple Stores will now be called only ‘Apple’ – Rebranding

Apple Stores will now be called only ‘Apple’ – Rebranding

The electronic tech giant Apple is shortening the name of its retail chain Apple Stores by dropping the word ‘Store’ from it. From now on the company’s retail chain’s will be branded as ‘Apple’ and followed by the location of that particular store. For example, recently Apple launched a store in World Trade Center in Westfield Mall, Manhattan named as Apple World Trade Center. This new store is Apple’s tenth store in New York City. Although one thing that remains unchanged is the employees will still welcome the first customer with booming applause and hand over free T-shirts marking the store’s opening.

Starting with Apple Union Square, it has renovated its retail store as more than a place you go to buy an iPhone or Mac. Now the stores sport huge 6K video screen, greenery and to give the customer an area to just sit and hang out the store has traditional Genius Bar setup.

This move is initiated by Apple’s senior VP of retail, Angela Ahrendts. At the launch of Apple Union Square, she said that the store becomes one with the society. As per the reports of MacRumors the company has emailed all its retail staff confirming the drop of Apple Store. The rebranding has seen on every Apple’s website and several stores. However, it will take some time for it to roll out in every store around the world.

Apart from placed as a community center, the stores are taking more of a boutique feel. Along with headphone setups and boulevard display that will alter on a regular basis to display different products, the company is also working on iPhone photography accessories. Apart from the feel and the name, everything you expect from Apple is still the same. On May 19th the first two Apple Store locations were opened.

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