New WhatsApp Update Offers Something New In Your Status

Whatsapp is one of the most used apps in the world and obviously continuous updating this app is necessary so that users can’t face any problem during the use of this app and also keep them up to date with the latest features. In order to do so, Whatsapp update introduced color text status for its Android and iPhone app after beta testing. This feature was first released by Facebook on Android app at the end of last year. Through this feature, users can update status with a color background, font and emoji connection on the user’s WhatsApp.

About the color texting

According to reports, WhatsApp has confirmed that colored text feature to be rolled out for Android and as well as iOS users. However, even after updating the app to latest updates, all users are still unable to see this feature. According to report, now on Android and iOS has been activated in a phased manner and have yet to fully roll out this feature of color texting. While some users are able to see this feature, the rest will also be able to get this feature soon. For the iPhone user, there is a pen icon near the camera icon in the new status bar. Clicking on the pen icon will give you the choice of status, font selection, emoji and background color.


After writing the status and making the necessary changes, you can tap the green arrow to send the text status. After this, the Whatsapp status will be public for all your contacts. For Android users, the Floating Pen icon appears at the bottom of the camera icon in the status tab. It has been confirmed that Whatsapp is not currently supported on Windows Phone and Web but the text status can now be viewed.

In addition, it is also claimed on the internet that there will be more sticker support in the iPhone app as well as better chat search features. For now, the stickers have been disabled, but they will be switched on in the upcoming release. WhatsApp text from the iPhone version v2.17.50 of typing in bold, italic and the option to strikethrough has come. For this, tap and hold whatever formats you want to write and select the floating options below.