Yu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megapixel Camera

Yu Yutopia is a brand new launch by the Yu Tele-ventures and is being noted as one of the most powerful phones at this present moment. This phone certainly has most of the ingredients right but we need to see how good it works, and that is the important thing that matters the most. The Yu Yutopia, this time, represents the brand’s first efforts at the high-end market.

Yutopia comes with a metal body, QHD display, and very high-end 21MP camera and 4GB of RAM. It is also coming with OIS along with Cyanogen OS. This phone offers a lot of new features and better specifications and seems very promising. This Yu Yutopia is a sub-brand of Micromax. Yutopia is a very powerful rival to the mid-range devices like the Nexus 5X and OnePlus 2.

Yu Yutopia Review: Yu launched Yutopia with 21 Megapixels Camera

Yu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megapixel Camera

Yu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megapixel Camera


As said earlier Yu Yutopia flaunts an all metal body which makes the smartphone very rigid in the hand. The back of the Yutopia shows some antenna markings, and there is also a huge camera and a fingerprint sensor below it, which is quite similar to that of the Nexus 5X. The LED for the notifications is placed below the screen and at the bottom of the rear casing lies the loudspeaker. The power or the lock button on the phone is placed between the volume buttons which could be a bit uncomforting for the users.

The left side of the phone has the sim card tray and also has the microSD card slot. The top edge has the 3.5mm audio jack connector, and the bottom edge consists of the microUSB charging slot. The Yu Yutopia only comes in one single grey colour but apart from that the looks of the phone are pretty good. The black metal matte finish on the back does not attract any smudges or even fingerprints. Overall the device is compact and is 147 x 73 x 7.2mm, and it only weighs around 159 grams.

Display and Audio:

The Yu Yutopia comes with a 5.2-inch QHD screen which is 1440 x 2560 pixels and the screen is made of Corning Concore glass. The display of the phone is very vivid and sharp. Even though the screen is glossy and attracts smudges, it still is less reflective because of the marvelous brightness of the screen. It also offers a bright sunlight mode which makes the screen view better even in direct sunlight. Watching high-resolution videos on the phone is also a remarkable experience. The Yu Yutopia comes with one glass solution and with it delivers great black display. So, overall the YU Yutopia offers an exceptional display.

The Yu Yutopia comes with Little Bird earphones from the House of Marley which is a better choice for the music lovers. Especially with the integrated Audio FX feature on the phone, the earphones offer splendid audio quality. Without the Audio FX, the audio sounds very average with no proper surround, but the bass and the vocals would still be distinct and clear. Even with the loudspeaker, the sound is fine but one would need to turn the phone as the speakers are on the back of the phone.

Camera and touch:

Yu Yutopia’s camera is one of the strongest features of this phone. The camera on the Yutopia is a 21-megapixel resolution which sports Sony Exmor RS IMX230 sensor. It is said to be one of the best. It also offers a faster autofocus with the help of PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus). It provides 0.2 seconds of response time with the focus. The camera is excellent during the daylight of even with the artificial light capture, but it does not perform very well in the low-light conditions. The camera also comes with ChromaFlash mode which gives proper detailing in low light conditions. It also comes with additional features like Steady Photo, OptiZoom, Action and even Night Modes.

The 21 MP camera can record video resolution up to 4K, and it also has an option of Timelapse and Slow Motion. The front facing camera is of 8-megapixel resolution and is made by OmniVision OV8865, which was previously used in the predecessor phones by YU.

The UI on the YU Yutopia is very different from that of the other Android phones. Therefore, the touch on the phone gives the users a fresh new feel.


Yu Yutopia offers one of the bet specs in the market. The device is powered by a 2GHz Snapdragon 810 64bit octa-core processor which is then paired witYu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megalpixel CameraYu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megalpixel CameraYu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megalpixel Camerah 4GB DDR4 RAM and 32 GB expandable storage. The internal specifications on the phone certainly give us an idea that it is a solid phone but when it comes to performance, it shows us a different story.

The Yu Yutopia heats up on many occasions mainly when using the camera, playing games or even watching videos and also the usage of heavy applications. However, apart from the heating issue with the phone, there is no other problem performance wise as the applications never did shut down automatically and this is thanks to the 4 GB RAM, which is paired with Snapdragon 810. With these features, the phone works very smoothly as it helps overcome any given task.

Graphics and gaming:

In gaming, the Yu Yutopia delivered excellent graphics and a lag free experience. Even when playing high-resolution games for a long time the experience is phenomenon, but the phone starts heating up very fast. There were even issues where the games could not be closed down, or it would take a long time to do that. The Yutopia, with the games, makes us say that the phone possesses a very high processing power. With the help of the GPU support of Adreno 430, we get to feel great gaming pleasure on the device. The only problem that persists along with it is the heating issue.


The Yu Yutopia is powered by the Cyanogen OS, which is the largest open source Android developer community. It offers one of the best customizations available for an Android skin. The Yutopia is based on Android version 5.1.1 Lollipop. The interface of the phone is also very colourful, with new icon packs different from the ones we have seen before.

The Cyanogen OS offers its new features such as the Audio FX app for regulating the equalizer settings for the audio; there is even the theme app which helps one change the appearance of the phone and so on. Yutopia comes with new operations as it divides the applications on the phone alphabetically. It also features the new Gaana application which is the default music application for the phone.

The best thing about the Yu Yutopia is the service known as the AndroidYU, which works as an application aggregator. The company has invested a lot of money on applications and services, which have mainly been used around Android YU.

Battery Life and warranty:

The Yutopia has a battery capacity of 3000mAh, which is not much for a phone which offers 2K display and works with Snapdragon 810. For a phone with high-end features, one would expect a little higher capacity than what it is offering.

The battery comes with Qualcomm’s fast charging technology, which supports Quick Charge 2.0. The Yu company claims that the Yutopia can charge from zero to sixty percent in 30 minutes, which sounds very impressive, but when charged at 10% the battery did not even reach the 60% mark in 30 minutes. The Yutopia was also able to manage a good standby time, but it will not be able to offer much SOT (Screen-on-time). The reason for this being the high power processor with which the phone works. There are even options to use the power saving mode which might help the users a bit and give it some extra standby.

The Yu Yutopia is a powerful phone and is priced at Rs. 25,000. The smartphone offers a great camera, decent battery life and also a satisfactory user experience. There is the issue of heating and the fingerprint sensor not functioning properly but at this price the Yu Yutopia is worth considering.Yu Yutopia Review: Yutopia comes with 21 Megalpixel Camera

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