2017 iPhone will use all glass casing and battery saving OLED screen

Fully Glass-case iPhone: A Game Changer of Technology

As the technology is revolutionising day by day, companies are coming up with new approaches to getting the attention of public. It is very common to see that new risks are being taken on a regular basis. Here, Apple which is known for its differentiated products going to roll up with its new iPhone is not going to release until 2017. In this era of technology, Apple is going to breathe a new life into the lives of people by bringing a phone with an all-glass case. iPhone 4 / 4s has been already tasted the life of glass in front and back which was inserted with stainless steel band not whole was a glass case. Here, the Apple is returning to its strategy but not half but a full.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities, who is known for spreading the Apple rumours and mostly they are accurate, has claimed about the Apple’s new model. He said that Apple is going to shun away from its tick-tock cycle. According to him, a company is breaking new ground in its structural reforms and releasing date.  Apple, which is known for its differentiated product, is facing the competition threat. If the company goes on with an Aluminium case was that other company does, then it is expected that the sales will soon drop. So to maintain the share of the market and its image, Apple comes up with new reforms avoiding tick-tock cycle and rest all its hopes in the non-aluminum casing phone.

As the rumours go on, investors are getting nervous because of such risk. They believe that using of glass case will make the phone heavy making it inconvenient for consumers and will also fail a drop test. But Mr Kuo claims that Apple is sure of this that no problematic error will occur as the weight would be balanced by using lighter AMOLED screens.

The AMOLED technology allows for deeper blacks and better colors. This display panel will be thinner and lighter and as said will compensate for the weight of glass body.

With the coming of a new phone coming around, people are also more excited about how the iPhone is made up of all glass. As being asked by Mr Kuo, he gives no idea of its manufacturing.

40 years ago, Apple was founded to change the future of technology and still hopes to continue this change. Let’s wait for its new upcoming phone with the great innovation in it.