Massive iPhone 8 Leak ‘Confirms’ 11 New Features – Forbes

A new collection of information is released over the weekend about the most expensive iPhone of Apple, despite the camera, radical unlocking system, and detailed design. A massive iPhone 8 leak ‘confirms’ 11 new features comprising a new apple watch and late name change. The features of the biggest iPhone upgrades of Apple in generations are revealed by a large amount of data. Now we will deal with iOS 11 GM in the following manner.

  • The All-New iPhone Design

The iPhone 8 design is characterized by so many leaks. New 3D sensors and the front-facing camera will be held by ‘notch at the top of the handset. The bezel-less new display will be illustrated by graphics and multiple icons entailed in iOS 11 GM.

  • New Aspect Ratio, New Resolution

The new aspect ratio and new resolution are also a part of its new features. iPhone 8 is in the match with Samsung by following the new aspect ratio of 5:9. The resolution which is available with it is increased to 2436×1125 pixels.

Iphone 8 Leak 'Confirms' 11 New Features

  • True Tone iPhone

iOS GM is available with so many upgrades. Among the upgrades, one of them is a true tone iPhone. In other words, for professional-grade color accuracy, the up-gradation of the iPhone will be made to the iPad Pro’s True Tone Display.

  • Home Button Becomes Home Bar

A new user interface will be confirmed by iOS 11 which is suggested by iOS 11 betas. The home button will be replaced by a virtual bar set up at the bottom of the screen of the iPhone 8. It will also include the ability to swipe up to close apps and returning back to the home screen.

  • Smarter Power Button

There will be enlargement of the humble power button on the iPhone 8. Along with existing power/wake/lock functionality, 9to5Mac will be available with the activation of Apply pay cards which are pressed twice for holding it down starts Siri. After removing the home button, it will be available with a useful shortcut i.e. the latter one.