Controversies Related To iPhones 8

The most successful company in the world is Apple. It is a producer of so many devices and the most successful product of this company is iPhone. There are so many controversies moving around the iPhone. Now we will discuss the controversies related to iPhone 8 in the following manner.

Controversies Related To iPhones 8

•No Flash Supports Blocks Content

Apple had made the decision of not supporting Flash on the smartphone in the early days of the iPhone. The technology of Adobe’s Flash was omnipresent at that time. Although, Apple had convinced its customers by saying that poor battery life and browser crashes used to be caused by Flash.

•Penalization Of Early Buyers by iPhone Price Cut

Controversies Related To iPhones 8

The price tag of US $599 was attached to the original iPhone when it was released. People had happily purchased the costly iPhone but after 3 months iPhone was available with price cut i.e. $399. It proves to be the penalty for early buyers of iPhones.

Grip Of Death

So many complaints of customers are arising if they hold the handset in a specific way. It even causes death due to the weakening of the wireless network connection. The signal has got damp if we cover the phone antenna with our hands.

•Unavailability of iOS maps

Around 2012, the rivalry between Google and Apple had taken place. Apple is not allowed to carry out the pre-installation of some Google powered-apps on iPhone and Google maps are also included in it. Apple maps are not better than Google maps.

• iOS 8.0.1 Update Bricks PhonesControversies Related To iPhones 8

In September 2014, Apple iPhones were available with the update of iOS 8.0.1 for introducing new features and fixing some nagging bugs. A serious problem was caused due to a bug in the update, which does not allow us to use the Touch ID fingerprint scanner or to access the cellular networks. This was the bad news for the buyers of the iPhones.