Apple Watch 2 to be launched with Slimmer Design and OGS Display

Apple Watch 2 to be launched with Slimmer Design and OGS Display

If you thought Apple’s iPhone 7 was the only thing that has been creating buzz for the past few months, then you are wrong. The companies yet to be announced smartwatch which probably will be called Apple Watch 2 has been in the speculations too. Apple watch 2 to be launched with various amazing specifications. According to a recent report, the watch is said to sport a One Glass Solution supported display rather than Glass on Glass Technology.

As per DigiTimes information, the company’s suppliers clarifies that the OGS technology removes the glass coatings which was used in Glass on Glass technology, which makes the display slimmer. This will not only make the smartwatch thinner, but it will also make the device lighter. The reports further state that the OGS designing group for next-generation Apple watch is facing some technical issues which have resulted in low yield rates. However, it is yet verified if the entire production has been affected or not.



aBrian White, the Apple analyst, working for Drexel Hamilton, in May said that the Apple Watch 2 is likely to be 20% to 40% slimmer than the previous version. And the smartwatch will have a bigger display and upgraded battery capacity.

There is also some news that suggests that the company is planning to include Samsung Foundry’s 14FF designing process for the watch’s chip design. It will help in reducing the heat and will also improve the performance.

Another feature that is expected in the watch is the integration of a FaceTime-enabled camera in the apex bezel which will allow recording video in full HD. Coming to the data transferring, the Apple Watch 2 is speculated to have 90% advancement and more precise location services.
According to the ongoing speculations, Apple Watch 2 is expected to launch with the much-anticipated iPhone 7 in September 2016.

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