Microsoft buys artificial intelligence startup Genee

Microsoft buys artificial intelligence startup Genee

Microsoft has purchased Genee, an artificial intelligence-based scheduling service that abridges the scheduling and the rescheduling of big meetings for the companies. Microsoft buys artificial intelligence startup Genee and will incorporate the new AI technology into Office 365 before closing down the Genee.

The Vice President of Outlook and Office 365 on the official Microsoft News website confirmed that the company had signed an agreement to buy an artificial-intelligence-based scheduling service Genee. The co-founders of Genee, Ben Cheung, and Charles Lee will work together with Microsoft, and the pair launched this app in 2014, to simplify the onerous task of scheduling and rescheduling meetings in big corporate.

Jha said that this app is particularly useful for big groups and during the time when you don’t have access to the calendar. The AI–powered app uses natural language processing and optimized decision-making the algorithm, thus making interaction with a virtual assistant very easy. Like if you want to meet a client named Ross. Just send an email to Ross and copy Genee, like you do with your PA. Now Genee would restructure the process by directly emailing her the details of the meeting that works best with your preference and calendar.

Genee’s co-founder Ben Cheung and Charles Lee on a separate blogspot wrote that Genee would be shut down on 1st September. The app will no longer send you useful notifications or agendas from your calendar. Although all the existing entries created by Genee will stay. The duo said that they would be taking the Genee next level experience to Microsoft. The terms of the agreement were not revealed.

Microsoft has been looking for an Artificial-Intelligence and chatbots and has been on an acquirement extravaganza. Recently the company purchased LinkedIn in one of the biggest technology deal valuing over 26 billion dollars.
However, the company’s recent chatbot attempt named Tay didn’t turn out right. It was launched on Twitter, picked up worst of humanity and was using racist insults, at last Microsoft had to shut it down. Nevertheless, with companies like Google, Facebook betting on it, bots are indeed the future.

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