Elari Nano Phone C world’s lightest ever phone launched in India

We live in the period of a time where extra-large screen smartphones rule the most. 5.5-inch smartphones are really common now and the majority of us wouldn’t bother having a smartphone with a much greater screen. In any case, imagine a situation in which you needed a little cell-phone, and we mean truly small. Indeed, it’s your lucky day of estimate as the Elari Nano Phone C is presently available in India through Yerha.com. If we compare this phone with tiny Apple iPhone SE it looks huge. The cell phone is additionally advertised as the lightest cell phone on the planet and is recorded as weighing 30 gms. It is not larger than a credit card. It gives the chance to totally disconnect while staying reachable and retaining other features when essential.


The Elari Nano Phone C is an element cell phone and is 94.4 x 35.8 x 7.6 mm in dimensions and the phone is 7.6-mm thin. The cell phone aimed to be a companion to your smartphone and can even pair with any Android or iOS smartphone by use of Bluetooth, giving a user a chance to make and receive calls. Users can likewise move up to 1000 contacts to the Nano Phone C and utilize it as an independent device.

The Nano Phone C is a feature cell phone, so the particulars wouldn’t coordinate to a smartphone any day. The cell phone supports a 1-inch TFT display with a resolution of 128 x 96 and is powered by a MediaTek MT6261D processor which means that the processor has N/A cores in the CPU. You get 32MB of RAM alongside 32MB of inbuilt storage that can be extended by 32GB via microSD card. The 480 mAh battery is declared by the company to present four hours of talk time. The cell phone is available on Yehra.com for Rs 3,490. The Elari Nano Phone C might be available in Black, Rose Gold, Silver colors across India.

At that price value, the Elari Nano Phone C goes up against another component cell phone, the new Nokia 3310. While the Nokia cell phone may not be as little and light as the Nano Phone C, but it offers better specification (for a component cell phone) and obviously, sentimentality.