Google Finally Launched Its New Version of Pixel XL

Google pronounced war on the iPhone a year ago with the introduction of its Pixel XL smartphone. Now it seems to be the round two of the war.

For a considerable length of time, Google has launched smartphones under its Nexus brand. While Google’s Nexus phones were mostly made by hardware associates such as HTC and LG, the Pixel is the first smartphone Google designed in their own house. The organization revealed the Pixel last October, and theory is starting to circle about what its successor, may be known as the Pixel 2, will look like.

A new design with a slimmer bezel


Google could be the following cell phone producer to take a current pattern promoted by Samsung and LG. The following bigger measured adaptation of the handset, may be called the Pixel XL 2, might include a redesigned body with more slim borders around the display, as indicated by a release published by Android Police.

Google to expand the extent of the Pixel XL’s screen without making the device bigger, as Samsung and LG have finished with their most recent smartphones. The report says the new Pixel XL will have a 6-inch screen rather than the present model’s 5.5-inch display.

The smaller form of the Pixel 2, which may include a 4.97-inch screen, is said to go along with a change that will undoubtedly attract a few clients. Google may remove the earphone jack for stereo speakers, as per a report from Reports. The two reports recommend the Pixel 2’s plan won’t change much generally, as it will probably include a similar glass and metal finish from the first Pixel.

A superior camera

The Pixel 2 will probably have a superior camera, however, don’t imagine the technical specifications will change all that much. As opposed to expanding the quantity of megapixels, Google may include additional components, as indicated by 9to5Google. That could integrate new capacities that take into account which is better low-light photography.


Processor, storage, and memory

The two versions of the Pixel 2 will supposedly be controlled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, as per Reports. That is a similar processor found in the OnePlus 5, soon-to-be-launched Essential phone, and certain models of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Customers can likewise hope to see 4 GB of memory on the two phones, says the report.

With regards to capacity, Reports says the bigger Pixel 2 model could offer 128GB of storage while the smaller may have 64GB. It’s unclear if those will be the main decisions or if different setups will be available.

Water resistance

Pretty much every real present day mobile is worked to withstand direct water exposure, including the iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, and LG G6. Google’s Pixel has been an anomaly in such manner. However this may change with the Pixel 2, reports 9to5 Google.

Higher cost

Google’s Pixel 2 may cost $50 more than the present versions, as per 9to5 Google. The company charges $649 for the Pixel and $769 for the Pixel XL, which means the Pixel 2 could begin at $700.