First Facebook Live Q&A

First Facebook Live Q&A

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conducted his first live Q&A on the social platform to answer people’s queries from across the world.  Using the first Facebook live Q&A for the first time, he touched upon various topics like online education, live video, virtual reality, unique features for physically challenged, etc.

He briefly mentioned about Orlando shooting and ‘I am safe’ feature too.

Mark started this session by answering the most popular questions. A user requested to have a folder on Facebook where he/she can store things like recipes, videos, etc. This question had about like 1,00,000 likes and Zuckerberg said that the company was working on it. He asserted that there were hoards of special interests group which people can join to learn and share things of the same interest in the group with each other. Reaching out on Facebook for some cause is easy because people can make group and interact.

He also mentioned about the 49 people killed in Orlando shooting over the weekend. He read out the comments and said that social media technology needs to find solutions to humanity problems and work together towards peace.

First Facebook Live Q&A

First Facebook Live Q&A

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Coming back to online education, Mark expressed his interest in building tools that would enable users to learn things on social media platform. He also claimed that Facebook is also working on the features to improve the experience for the challenged and physically challenged. The social media will use artificial intelligence to build tools that would decode the image and read it out for blind users. It is also looking forward to supporting video subtitles for users who are hearing impaired.

To add more to these exciting features, he said that Facebook is also working on improving live videos and bring tweets like chat back for a more immersive experience; this will enable talk back into the video for a real time chat on Facebook.

He said that it would be a social giant’s push into virtual reality. He also said that while virtual reality is a grand tech innovation, it is not the end of it.

Zuckerberg chose to keep it light. He even said that if he was to start Facebook in today’s time, it would be via a mobile app. Zuckerberg also dismissed the rumors of ever making Facebook a paid platform and said the main aim of the platform was to connect people, not earn money out of it.

Mark also stated that the work is in progress, and he did not dwell into any timeframe specifications.