Facebook Comments Can Now Include Video

Facebook Comments Can Now Include Video

Facebook Comments can now include video yes you read write There is a new feature available for Facebook.  Users can now add video to Facebook comments, or a video can simply be commented. Isn’t this cool now? This feature is now available to Facebook users worldwide. You can upload them as replies on the post done by people or done in any of the pages, and it is also applicable to groups and events. It supports all devices like desktop web, iOS, and Android.

To post a video in the comment section, you just have to click the camera icon next to the comment field.

Facebook said that they prototyped the ability to upload a video into comments and replies on posts because they wanted the conversations to become more engaging and entertaining. It adds to the suite of multimedia features within comments including links, photos, stickers, emoji and starting this week videos.

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While commenting anywhere and for any cause videos can be attached in the comment box too. It is a very exciting addition to Facebook as it will make the conversations more interesting and probably the Facebook users will be more interested in going through their news feeds. The users are allowed to post any video they can relate the situation to or just to make the conversation more interesting. People can also post them if they found it useful and want the others to give it a watch too.

You can even copy-paste a link in the comment box and then it will automatically show the expanded view related to the link. The whole video can be played there only.  If the users want to share some music, track they can also do that. It is indeed an innovative change for Facebook. People who are easily bored through scrolling down their new feed might take a little interest when they see videos attached in comment boxes.

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