iOS 8 Features

iOS 8 features

iOS 8: Apple’s annual developer conference is going to start today, and the iPhone maker is going to unveil its vision for iOS 10 to the world. iOS 8 features have finally been unveiled. The next generation of the iPhone and iPad’s operating system is likely to debut in September, but it is expected to be unveiled in advance today itself.

Things that everybody must be looking forward to among iOS 8 features –

Better Siri-

Siri turns five this year and has improved significantly since it was introduced in iPhone 4S. It can send emails, iMessages, play songs and so on. Just a few months ago, hand free Siri was introduced in iPhone 6S. Apple is planning to launch a Siri software development kit which would allow the developers to integrate Siri into their apps.

More battery life-

Apple’s low power mode introduced in iOS 9 is a lifesaver. Once the battery hits 20%, the users can activate low power battery mode which reduces the background activities, dims the screen and saves your battery. Still battery life is a never-ending problem for the users. It is expected that the new software will automatically turn on the low power battery mode when the battery hits 30-40%.

ios 8

iOS 8

Improve iMessage-

iMessage is only useful to iPhone users. If iMessage is going to be a chat service of choice, it has to be universal and more useful. Rumors of Android compatibility will start if it is true.

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Delete apps or hide pre-installed apps-

Most of us don’t need extra apps on our iPhone screen like stocks, tip, find friends, compass, and game center. Many people use alternatives to music and Apple’s map, yet these apps are stubbornly tucked away on our screen. So it is expected that the new software may allow us to hide these apps.

A way to deal with those red bubbles-

Technically they are vital because they let the users know if they have notifications for a particular app and how many. Badge icons have started to take over our screens though it is possible to turn them off in the setting a quick way to just dismiss them without permanently deactivating the notification would be appreciated.

ios 8

iOS 8

Automatic commands-

Recipe apps such as ‘ If This Then That’ enable this on Android but permissions on the iPhone forbid it. It may introduce this feature of IFTTT, but it could add features to iOS’s setting that replicate its best feature.

Better data controls-

IOS’ mobile data setting allow users to turn off apps’ data usage one after another. When attempting to limit this data, if you are staying in abroad one might only want a few apps such as messages and maps. It may introduce the turn all app’s off button and after that, one could activate just three or four.

Now some of these iOS features are fascinating. Just a few hours of wait and we will know how true they are.

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