Ionic Smartwatch of Fitbit launched with the feature of Heart Rate Tracking

Fitbit, the US based company known for the wearable wireless smart watches. Which has launched its newest device on Monday, the Ionic smart watch? In this smartwatch, it includes the features from fitness tracking to contactless payment. It has the full ability to compete with the rivals such as Apple.


Fitbit which was the market leader in wearable items once, now have struggled to compete due to fierce competition and is also blamed in the earlier days toward feature-rich devices and the revenue of its smart watches was also declined.

Features of Fitbit Smartwatch

The company also said in the statement that the smartwatch is included with the features such as heart rate tracking, Fitbit Pay, GPS, water resistance up to 50 meters, multiple clock faces, onboard music and a battery that will last more than 4 days.

Additionally, American Express cards such as Mastercard, Visa credit, and debit cards can also be added in the upcoming days from the most top issuing banks across the world in over 10 markets as according to the Fitbit.

Moreover, there might have some new sensor technologies in the smartwatch such as the relative SpO2 sensor which is used to estimating oxygen levels in the blood that have the potential to track sleep apnea among others.


As far as the price of the smartwatch is the concern it is priced above the Appleā€™s smartwatch of $269 (roughly Rs. 17,200) while its price is $299.95 (roughly Rs. 19,100).

Alicia Reese Wedbush Securities analyst said that market share from Apple can be taken by appealing to those who are more focused on fitness, he also added that to a significant share of Apple’s overall smartwatch sales, we do not expect that.

The company said in the statement that the iconic smartwatch was made available for pre-sale from Monday on the official side of Fitbit and for some of the online retailers it will start from Tuesday.

Along with smartwatch, the company had also launched Flyer wireless headphones and Aria 2 smart scale on Monday.