Is It a Good Idea to Launch Your Gaming App for One Platform only?

Gaming App for One Platform

Are you wondering which platform you should build a game on? Developing and launching a game can be quite costly. Since there are many factors to consider, you need to properly plan the game launch before dedicating resources to it. The choice of the platform depends on the target audience of the game.

Google Play Store and Apple Store are the pioneers in the market holding leading positions. While both cater to a huge number of customers, the former has 100,000 more apps to its credit. Most game developers launch their app at the Apple Store for the iOS platform first. You can choose to launch a game on either the Apple Store, Google Play store or even both, but the decision you take should be feasible.

There is much to learn from successful game developers around the world. You can have a look at AirGames which is an amazing multilingual game suite. Its purpose is to facilitate customers just like other apps of AIrG that protect against AirG spam. The success of developers come from the fact that they design games that the consumers love. One should pay attention to the customer experience while launching an app.

Launching the game for iOS only

Even though there are more Android users in the world, iOS is often preferred by game developers. The differences in core demographics play a significant role in choosing it over Android for a game launch. The choice is best explained by the fact that their users exhibit appealing attributes. Not only they are more educated, but they also tend to spend more per app. It is no surprise that the same users tend to have higher disposable incomes.

These demographics could explain why game developers prefer launching an app on the Apple store. The iOS operating system has its own set of rigid rules that these developers need to consider. Getting approval from the Apple Store is pretty tricky, but the hassle is genuinely worth it.

Since Android users outnumber iOS customers, an iOS-only app might cause a lot of discontent among others. Therefore, Companies that launch apps only on one specific platform have to face a lot of queries and concerns from individuals.

Apple users are more affluent and they tend to spend more on apps than Android users. From the revenue standpoint, designing a game for the Apple Store makes more sense. Since people are comfortable buying apps from the Apple Store, iOS users are more profitable for game developers.

Apart from that, creating an app for iOS is a more fruitful task. Since the range of Apple devices is more homogenous, developing games or applying fixes is easier as compared to Android. This makes understanding the consumer response more convenient.

When all these factors are considered, the case for placing a game on the Apple Store appears stronger.

Developing a game for Android can be significantly costlier than developing one for the iOS. According to estimates, it can be up to 30% more expensive. So should game developers consider this open-source mobile operating system?

Global consumer spending on mobile-gaming apps will reach a value of 105.2 billion dollars in 2021. Generally, new startups tend to launch on iOS first. A game designed for Android comes way after. With more Android users in the world, it is possible that developing game on this operating system may be the better option. So, Should you consider to launch your game for this platform? Let’s look into the matter more.

The Android operating system caters to a range of devices from phones to tablets. Often these devices have different configurations which means that certain characteristics can be restricted. Not all features work on every phone which means that apps may not be compatible with all Android-run devices. Developing and designing a game that functions well across all these tools is a challenge.

You might have to end up restricting your Android game’s availability based on the device characteristics.

Does this mean that launching an Android game isn’t an option? Of course not. The Android operating system gives app designers more freedom in developing games. Crafting superior graphics and utilizing the device features become possible with Android. Moreover, since there are more such users in the world, a game for this platform may be the better option. In the longer run, an Android compatible game seems to be more appropriate.

If your target audience is more comfortable with Android, then you should levitate towards designing a game on this operating system. If you have the resources for launching a game on the Google Play Store, then you need to consider IOS. It all depends on your users’ preferences.

A game on both platforms

Launching the game on both platforms could also be an option albeit a costly one.

To design and develop an app for both operating systems, you need resources. You also need to master the technicalities of these vastly different systems. Building a game that works for the consumer on different platforms is difficult. This risk is more suitable for a well-established and mature company that wants to develop a game.

Thus, it involves numerous challenges and time-consuming iterations to make the game operational. This option is not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  Realistically, launching a game on both platforms is a difficult task and not everyone can opt for it.

So, which is right for you?

If the target audience of your game uses Android more, you should launch an app for the Google Play Store. If revenue is more of an immediate priority, launch a game for the Apple Store. You need to make sure that the game functions properly regardless of the operating system you choose for the launch. A strong idea should be tested out with justice. Depending on the resources you have, you can select a feasible platform for the game. Compliance with a single platform is not a problem at the initial stages of building a game.