Google Acquired Hali Labs for its Next Big Users

American web giant Google has attained Bangalore-based artificial intelligence (AI) company Halli Labs for an unrevealed amount. The company which was jointly founded by the ex- chief technology officer, Pankaj Gupta confirmed this acquisition on Tuesday in a blog spot. This company becomes the latest AI startup company to get acquired by some tech giant after a sequence of the similar event by big tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

Halli Labs was established with an objective of setting up modern AI and ML techniques to old issues and domains in order to offer a helping hand to the technology to allow people to do whatever they aim at doing in a much better and easier way. Well, when the tech giant Google steps into the game you know the things are bound to get better for people.


The company said that they would be a part of Google’s Next Billion Users team to offer more information and technology to the people from across the globe. The company also added that they are quite excited about this acquisition. Prior to Stayzilla, Pankaj Gupta was the one who was in power of running personalization and recommendation on Twitter. He couldn’t be connected for an instant comment.

A spokesperson from Google said that they are quite excited that team of Halli Labs is going to teaming up with them. They will be a part of the team which aims at creating products that are aimed at the next billion users coming online especially in India.

As per a research, around 34 artificial intelligence startups have been taken over in the first quarter in the current year which is double the number as compared to the previous year. The study also revealed that Google had been one of the most popular Giants with total 11 acquisitions since the year 2012, closely follows Apple, Facebook, and Intel.