Google Doodle for Rio Olympics 2016

Google Doodle for Rio Olympics 2016

We all expected Google to put up an attention-grabbing Google Doodle for Rio Olympics like they always do. Although this time, they made things more fun filled and appealing. This time, Google not only put a Video where colorful fruits are shown racing and competing with each other, but the company also launched an app with 7 fruity games for iOS and Android. All these games feature fruits competing in various sports like water polo, biking, tennis, swimming, etc. Google said that now for the next few weeks, they are planning to travel to a contrarily unpretentious fruit place in Rio, where fruits all over the globe compete to achieve the title of freshest fruit.

To make things more interesting for its users, now the Google Search, YouTube, and Google Maps comes with an enhanced feature which gives the users a feel of being in Rio de Janeiro.

Seeing that the city is getting ready to host the 31st Summer Olympic Games first time in South America, Google offers users alerts and updates for the important events and other relevant reports regarding the game. The opening ceremony will be held in Maracana Stadium, and it is expected that more than 50,000 spectators will be present there, and over 3 billion will view it on their screens. More than 11,000 athletes and many state administrators are anticipated to take part.

The Doodle that Google has put up launches with a pineapple whistling off to start the game, which leads to an intense strawberry running toward the finish line at the same time you see a coconut pedaling with all its strength. The entire doodle looks like a profusion of conquests.

The video also elucidates the concept behind the Google fruit games. It’s time to pause Pokemon Go because these games are only there for two weeks.

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