Whatsapp video calling feature activate for Android

Whatsapp had already come a long way in the six years when it was started. The most popular and affectionate messaging app among all the age group is going to come up with an additional feature for its fans.

The app is now going to introduce the ‘Video Calling’ feature in its messaging service.

The Android Police has cited the translation requests and informs that WhatsApp is all set to add the video call feature in its service. WhatsApp has sent the translation request, where it is stated, “Video call,” and “Video calling is unavailable at this time.” All these signs mention that the WhatsApp is all set to gear up with the particular feature soon.

The video call feature would be available only on the selected devices that run the beta app. The App is all also working on it so that it can be used by general users. Although, it has not been mentioned that the video call feature will be available to the general consumers or not, or it is expressly limited to the users with invites only. The invites strategy previously was used in the voice-calling feature by the WhatsApp.

According to Android Police, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is anticipated to come with the choices in sending the group invites. The App is relying on the NFC tags other than using the links and QR codes option.

As per the reports, the screenshots that have been leaked specify that the company is working on expanding the ways through which limited group members can invite the people to join.

If the WhatsApp video call feature is added, then it will become very easy for the users because there will be no need of downloading any other app for video chat. That’s what people are doing so far now. It will become very convenient for the users if the feature is properly integrated into it.

WhatsApp has already come up with several features yet and is going to come up with new features too as soon as possible. Earlier, it has been anticipated that the chatting App will be coming with the ‘Call Back’ feature and standalone desktop version. Moreover, voicemail and zip file sharing is also expected to come soon. The rumors which are being spurted are uncertain and are better to be seen with the skepticism eyes as nothing is being officially confirmed.