Facebook App Unveiled a Major redesigning in Its App Header

Facebook always brings the new features to its application to keep its user’s update. A slight redesign to the News Feed today has been rolled out by the Facebook, which provides the users to the interface of the site for a cleaner look. Getting rid of the blue accents and headers across most of the interface is actually translates to in practical terms. This will make navigating easier and more consistent as claimed by the company.


Getting a new design to make them look more like message conversations — specifically, Facebook Messenger conversations is another big change that comment threads on posts. Now each comment now gets its own gray message bubble instead of comments being broken up by simple line breaks, which is the main goal of the company and will also make the tracking easier to who is replying to a given thread.

Lastly, from Twitter’s book profile pictures will be taking a page and changing from squares to circles and icons, comment, like, and share buttons are getting the new look of the simpler and larger designs and will also be easier to tap on a touchscreen.

Added Protection


A new protection for profile pictures for users in India has been introduced by the Facebook, in order to stop the people from sharing, copying and misusing their images. Facebook will ensure that others can’t send, share, or download their picture, Users who elect to guard their profile through the new system. this system will keep them away from the tagging of strangers in their images.

Facebook says it will prevent taking screenshots of users’ profile pictures “where possible.” People who had chosen will also get a blue shield border around their image on Android at least.

As the Facebook says that they are motivated to offer this function when they heard that some women in the country selected not to upload pictures of their faces to the internet from Indian social and safety organizations. With tests indicating the kinds of things that would cut down on the misuse of profile pictures, the tools were developed in partnership with a range of those organizations. others are at least 75 percent less likely to copy it with a design overlay to a picture which is the as simple addition as said by the Facebook.

Through Facebook’s system, those layers can be added quickly by the users. The Facebook also said that by doing this they also stopped the users to take the screenshots of the pictures and the new blue shielded border protection causes problem while taking the screenshot.

Facebook has not given any indications of the availability of this function to the other countries.