Google Is All Set to Launch Its Android TV Player Soon

About Google

Google is the multinational technology company found in America. The specialty of this company includes internet related products and services. Search, online advertising technologies, software, hardware and cloud computing are the part of these services. Sergey Brin and Larry Page had founded Google in 1998. The Android mobile operating system, television, smartwatch, car and smart devices enabling the internet are developed by Google. The first Android phone-Nexus One was released by Google in January 2010. Chromecast dongle was introduced by Google in July 2013. In 2002, Google News service has been launched by Google. Google Wallet was announced by Google in May 2011.

Production Of Android TV Player


According to the new report of Cord Cutters News, new Android TV player will be available soon. It is the device backed by the Google. It is beyond all the Android TV devices which are coming and supporting Android TV platform of Google. Concerning this matter, a suggestion is provided, according to which this device is either a ‘Pixel Player’ or the device that is developed by following Xiaomi Mi Box. The coming of Mi Box 2 is not stated by the report but instead, Android TV device is going to be produced that represents the arrangement between Xiaomi and Google over the Mi Box. This device might not available in the market as a Pixel-branded Android TV device. It is clear that the device is produced as a result of working together with a third party manufacturer and Google on it. Another instance is Nexus Player (an Android TV device) which is manufactured by ASUS but was the product affiliated with Google. Both Google and ASUS had joined their hands for producing a new version of the Nexus Player.


The information provided by this report is not confirmed but it is an expectation of launching the device in future. Therefore Google-backed Android TV player will be released this year. Details concerning Android TV players are not available. Even, nobody knows what it will offer. It is expected that it will run on latest version of Android.