Improve The Battery Life of iPhone By Following These Steps

If you are working with an iPhone and your device is running iOS 11, then you should know that a function name is low power mode, Which will be automatically activated when your iPhone battery reaches 20% percent when low power mode is on, get mail, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects on or off automatically Less Or will it improve the battery life of iPhone.

Enable low power mode to increase battery on iPhone

Even though this function will be activated automatically, you can still turn it manually when your iPhone is running the iOS which is necessary to activate low power mode on your iPhone:

Go to Settings> Battery> Tap it to turn on low power mode

Once low power mode is turned on, the percentage of the battery in the top right corner will be shown in yellow. And this feature is available on the iPhone running iOS 11, but the iPad does not have this feature.

Disable background app refresh

Improve The Battery Life of iPhone


Turn off continue refresh of the app in the background, app refresh cannot save a lot of data, but it can also improve your device’s battery life.

Step1. Launch Settings App → General

Step2. Tap on background app refresh

Step3. Now toggle the switch to refresh the background app.

See your Signal Strength Indicator

If you spend a lot of time in the area with poor signal, your iPhone will continuously search for a strong signal which in result will drain your battery fast. The lack of closing your iPhone, you cannot do a lot about this, but keep in mind that this might be your power-sucking criminal – and you can keep the iPhone in airplane mode if you do not need a cellular network.

Stop those motion effects

When you move your iPhone, the IOS has a slightly over-the-counter icon and the name given for the information. Apple has made a pendulum effect to give some depth to the flat icons. However, as any process requires movement, the necessary graphics capabilities for doing so sucks battery life. To disable this effect, turn on Settings> General> Access> Reduce Motion> and Switch it on (green).

Disable dynamic background

Improve The Battery Life of iPhone

Another speed feature in iOS is a dynamic background. These are the wallpapers that contain the subtle movement in them. They look cool, but this movement is sucking battery life. It’s best to still use the image for your wallpaper, to get rid of dynamic images, select Settings> Wallpaper> Choose a new wallpaper, and choose a wallpaper from the “Picture” selection.

Turn on auto-brightness

The manually full brightness uses a much battery. This is because the additional light needed to light your screen requires a lot of energy, which can speed up your battery, the screen usually needs less light when bright out and more light in the dark. To adjust your iPhone to the outer brightness levels, go to Auto Settings> Display and Brightness> and toggle the Auto-Brightness switch on (green).

Manually reduce screen brightness

Improve The Battery Life of iPhone

If auto-brightness does not help to improve the battery life, you can set the level of brightness automatically. Go to Settings> Display and Brightness> and adjust the slider to reduce the brightness level, it will determine the maximum value of the brightness of the screen which results in saving battery life.

Make sure the latest version iOS 11 is running on your iPhone. It’s the top tip of the Apple, and you can easily check the settings> General> Software updates on your iPhone for the update.