Iphone 6 Review: Bigger and Better Apple Iphone

Iphone 6 review: Over a period of years when mobile phones were discovered, since then they have made an impact in today’s technology. Before smartphones invention, several phone companies were busy making their products competitive in the market. The manufacturers emphasized on sizes, where small in size phones were preferred for their portability. However, over the years, some engineers thought of a device that can multitask as well be able to store files.

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Apple Iphone 6 review, back view, rear view

Apple Iphone 6

Thus, multimedia-enabled smartphones were manufactured. Among the invented smartphones, iPhone and Android phones hit the market and the manufacturers since then; have tried to make changes so as to increase the demand among the two. The following essay is describing the distinguished features of the iPhone and what can be added to it to make their customers rely on them. Words like smartphone, apps, Android, iPhone, Apple Inc. are frequently mentioned in the essay.

As mentioned above, the iPhone is a multimedia smartphone, designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. Since its introduction in 2007, it has acquired an outstanding popularity and praises from its users. Due to its uniqueness, advanced and complex functionalities, it has left the users greatly pleased. The device’s physical appearances and specifications are widely different from the other smartphones in the market. Since its first release in 2007, there are some other iPhone models that have been incorporated with updated IOS generation releases.

Each release comes up with more added features regarding the internet, multimedia applications as well as storage capacities. However, despite that it has some changes in the new models released; its icons arrangement is not changed. On the other hand, other competitive smartphones, such as Microsoft, Android, and Blackberry, have been doing every bit of advancement and thus, are seen to push out iPhone on the competition track. Although, according to its users it is still the best phone, there are some critics and some of the users have urged the iPhone manufacturers to add and develop some incomplete features. The followings are some areas and features that Apple Inc., ought to emphasize.

iPhone 6 review- Everything you Need to Know about Iphone 6


Despite the fact that the iPhone applications are faster as compared to other smartphones, they are extremely expensive. Some users find it hard to purchase various apps which are free in Android. Although there are a few free apps in the iPhones, the manufacturing company needs to allow customers to download any app without being asked to purchase. Additionally, the apps should be available to all users despite the phone’s operating system. The company also should let users download apps directly from the website other than launching the iTunes and the App Store first. On the app issue, iPhones are noted to overheat, which, therefore, drains battery power. To curb this, the Apple Inc. should make sure that a particular app is compatible with every iPhone model.


Since the first release, none of the iPhone has an external storage. Each iPhone has a particular phone storage capacity and it is for the user to decide on which storage capacity to choose when purchasing an iPhone. Other than iPhones, most smartphones, especially Android phones have a micro SD card slot, where one can easily add more storage space. It is a disadvantage for the iPhone user who would wish to add multimedia files, especially music videos to the low storage capacity phone.

Apple Iphone 6 review, back view, rear view

Apple Iphone 6

On the other hand, one cannot transfer files from the iPhone to a computer without using a proprietary lightning cable. Additionally, on the storage issue, iPhone users cannot download files directly from the internet and store them on the phone; it is because the phone does not have a file explorer like other smartphones. In my opinion, the Apple Inc. should start manufacturing iPhones with card slots for one to extend the storage capacity.


Unlike other phones, iPhones have a built-in battery. If the battery malfunctions, it is not easy to remove it, unlike in other smartphones in the market. Take for example when a phone accidentally dives in water, it is advisable to remove the battery to save it from further damages. Other smartphones are made of removable backs where it easy to remove the battery in case of water accidents. IPhones do not possess that ability if it falls in water; it is hard to remove its screwed back cover.

Additionally, iPhone’s batteries are not readily available in the market, and the few available are extremely expensive. If it malfunctions, it will take a while for one to find a replacement. It is high time for the iPhone manufacturers to bring more accessories in all countries, especially Africa where Apple products are not readily available. Also, they should start manufacturing iPhones with easily removable back cover to help the user to remove the battery easily in case of water accidents.

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File Transfer and Downloads

If one has a beautiful song in the phone, it is easy to share it with a friend if they are both using iPhones. If one is using an Android or any other model of smartphones, it is not possible to share a file with an iPhone user. In general, iPhone cannot share a file via Bluetooth or infrared to an Android, Microsoft or other smartphones. On the other hand, an Android phone user can easily share a file with a Microsoft or a blackberry user. It is a drawback to the iPhone users; they feel left behind in instances where not many people have iPhones. The Apple Inc. should weigh the options and heed to the user’s complaining. Despite that, the company maintains uniqueness, they should add the ability to share files with other smartphones through Bluetooth, infrared and other file sharing applications.

Apple Iphone 6 review, back view, rear view

Apple Iphone 6

Other than sharing files to other phones through Bluetooth or infrared, it is not easy to drag and drop files between an iPhone and a computer. However, on other smartphones, one can view a file system on the computer similar to that one in the phone. IPhones do not have that kind of access to all files; one needs first to install iTunes so as to copy music files from the computer to the phone. Other smartphones, especially Androids use a universal micro-USB to charge and to transfer files from the computer.

On the other hand, one needs a specific Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable to perform the same task. For the users whose iPhone’s battery does not last for long, need to carry a portable charger with them in case of the battery power discharge. It is my opinion to the iPhone manufacturers to start manufacturing phones that have a universal charging USB cable. On music downloads, one cannot get a free music into the iPhone without purchasing it from the iTunes.

IPhone users feel let down, especially those who does not have enough money to purchase a particular song or album. But it is advantageous to the artists. Also, the company should induce the ability to transfer files between a computer and an iPhone without the need to load the iTunes.


It is not easy to customize iPhone, unlike other phones where one can add widgets on phone’s home screen. If that feature is added on iPhones, there will be an increase in product demand. Additionally, unlike the latest iPhone 6, other iPhone’s screens are smaller in size compared to other smartphones. It is not enjoyable watching a music video or viewing a photo with a small sized screen.

Although some claim that big screen is bulky, it is awkward to operate a small screen sized phone. In my opinion, their next release should maintain the iPhone 6’s screen size or even bigger. Additionally, it is awkward to view apps the moment one unlocks an iPhone. If only there is an option to keep the home screen free from annoying apps, the iPhone would be much better than other smartphones.

Other appearance features that iPhone manufacturers need to emphasize on is the notification center. The iPhone notification center is not well advanced as compared to other smartphones. Notifications on the iPhone are not always shown at the top of the screen; it makes hard to remember what to check and when to respond. I would urge the Apple Inc., to add the feature where if there is a notification, it is indicated at the top of the screen and one can scroll down and check. Again, for security purposes, they should add the feature where one can unlock the iPhone using the face detection.

In conclusion, the consumer world has great power to either bring profit to a business or bring it to its deathbed. Therefore, the businesses have to come up with new means to retain their customers as well as be able to lead the stiff competition in the market base. In this case, iPhone manufacturers should consider their customers different needs and by doing so, one can rely on them and be convinced that their products are the best in the smartphone market.

Though there are a lot of differences between the features provided by Android and iOS but still Apple wins because of its supreme quality and security. None of the other companies can claim on the quality provided by Apple in iPhones or any of its products. But if Apple improves on some basics then Apple can eat the shares of every other company because of it Brand and its Brand Loyalty.

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