iPhone 7 Release Date with a remarkable feature

Apple iPhone 7 will be launched near September 2016. So, people will have to wait quite longer for the new iPhone series. This time, the new iPhone would come along some somber changes. It would be featured with a new design and it may claim to be the thinnest and the fastest phone ever in the history of smartphones. Reports show that Apple will launch its 7 series with the screen size of 5.5 inches. Also, it would contain dual rear cameras which shall click photos of quality not lesser than a DSLR camera.

Apple Inc will launch iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which would again follow the simplicity which is the heart core of Apple’s software and hardware.

Apple Iphone 6 review, back view, rear view

Apple Iphone

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New rumors have deployed the market, which say that Apple Inc is working on the technique of wireless charging for its devices. This will bring advancement as no cable would be required to charge Apple products. But, will we be able to see this tech advancement in iPhone 7? The answer to this question is – NO. This is because this technique will not come under working before 2017, which does not fit with the release time of iPhone 7. But yes, it perfectly suits the launch time of 7S. So, we might see the cutting-edge technique in iPhone 7S.

Let’s wait..!! Soon we will present you with more News on iPhone 7.

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