iPhone 8 launch Date is Out Now

Apple one of the best technology companies is expecting to launch its next flagship iPhone 8 on 12th of the September. There will many crazy people of Apple which will mark this date. This iPhone 8 launch date has been confirmed by the Apple. They also said that the device might be launched in the press event at about 9 AM on that day.

Rumors About iPhone 8 Launch Date

It wouldn’t be a big surprise of iPhone 8 launch date because Apple from 2012 is launching its every iPhone in this month of September. There are so many doubts of the iPhone 8 launch date; some people are saying it will be September 5 and some September 12. Apple has cleared in its press conference held on Tuesday that launch date will be September 12. It is now also expected that press invites soon might be sent in a few days from the Apple.


So if you are planning to buy the new iPhone, then you must wait about 2-3 weeks. The pre-orders from the Apple always start on Friday after the press conference (September 15). The device finally goes on to sale after the week (September 22). In the other hand if you are already using the iPhone, then there is good news for you also- which is iOS 11 update. This will also be released alongside iPhone 8.

As according to the reports the iPhone 8 will be available in the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options. There are also rumors that Apple can also launch 512GB storage variant. There is about double the storage available as compared to the last year’s iPhone.



Moreover, the rumor also suggests that there will be various storage chip suppliers such 64GB and 256GB chips are supplied from Toshiba and SanDisk while on the other hand Samsung and Hynix for the 512GB chips.


The iPhone 8 might come with the OLED display and also bezel less designed. It will also have the iris scanner in its front camera and there might be no home button on the device. The device could come with the 3D sensor by which device can be muted by simply looking at the display.Want to remind you once again iPhone 8 launch date will be 12th of the September.