Is it okay to buy such Rock-Bottom priced phones?

DOCOSS X1: Do you think Docoss X1 is fraud? This question was in each and everyone’s mouth until the firm has released the video of the phone on the social networking sites. People were looking with the eye of skepticism and were not able to believe that the device is genuine or not. Docoss X1 has circulated the live hands-on video and images of the device.

As we know that before Docoss X1, Freedom 251 has already created a buzz in this year only, just 2 months back i.e. on 18 February 2016. The release of such cut-rate products adds the query on the mind of the populace that how the Company manages to earn profits or they are doing some type of social work by putting smartphones in the hands of each citizen. As the early launched rock-bottom priced phone, Freedom 251 informs that the firm will be earning 31 bucks of profit on each and every unit sold.

 This is not something to be discussed, the main discussion forum is that whether the device should be bought by an audience or not. Preferably, it is advisable to avoid these devices and should they not be bought because it is simply a waste of money.

It will be ridiculous to believe that the smartphone will be getting with an all-metal body. The build-quality of such devices will not be good enough. The test unit of Freedom 251 had the name of its original manufacturer (ADCOM) painted on it, according to Times of India. Also, the device had an outdated spec sheet. Also, a camera with 3MP is also a dismal user experience. The device will feature low-resolution 800 by 480 pixels. In supplement, the phone will not be able to provide time to time updates. As the phone does not even sports latest version of Android. Docoss X1 runs Android KitKat version and on the other hand, the Freedom 251 runs on Android Lollipop version.

And, now it’s in your hands whether to buy low-priced phones or better-featured phones.

Although, speaking about Docoss X1, the pre-orders are being taken through SMS and promised a cash-on-delivery scheme. The company said that the user will pay when they get their phones in their hands. Docoss X1 is the first smartphone released by the Docoss Multimedia Private Limited, a Jaipur-based company and is priced at Rs 888.

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