$99 Superbook will turn your smartphone into laptop

$99 Superbook will turn your smartphone into laptop

Though smartphones today are getting smarter and smarter, a lot of us still see smartphones and computers as different things. But in fact, smartphones are nothing but computers that fit in our pockets. And presently smartphone coming on the market can compete with the desktop machine. In fact, there is a high chance that your smartphone has more powerful processor than 1985 Cray-2 Supercomputer. Superbook will turn your smartphone into laptop.

Superbook, it is a laptop shell that uses a smartphone as a computer. It is available for $99 via a Kickstarter campaign. It appears as a thin laptop, although it doesn’t have its storage or processor. in its place the Superbook gets it data and power connection from your Android device, through a free app and normal USB cable. Addition to a screen and keyboard the device has a battery which can last for 8 hours and will charge your phone while you are using the shell.

A smartphone and the Superbook, together are sufficient to run basic tasks like word processing, web browsing, and emails.
There have been few attempts at phone-laptop crossovers which includes a major company like Motorola. However, none of them have proven reliable.
The Smartbook, by Andromium Inc., looks like has hit the right spot. The company has collected over 2.1 million dollars from 12,800 Superbooks so far.

It success goes to show that his smartphones today are powerful enough to give a PC-like experience. With Android environment, you get an almost complete application environment which includes everything from games to CAD software to accounting app.
The company itself has attempted to finance an akin, but less booming project. The project named Andromium dock was planned to attach a keyboard and screen, turning a smartphone into a desktop. Superbook is a more portable option, which has a lot more demand.

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