Apple Talks With Atena Suggest a New Apple Watch is on its Way

According to CNBC, for offering the apple watch to 23 million customers of Aetna, several secret meetings have been taken place between Apple and Aetna. In southern California, on Thursday and Friday of last week, these meetings have taken place. Top executives of both companies are involved in these meeting which comprises Myoung Cha (hospital chief medical information officers and in charge of special health projects of Apple). According to CNBC source, the plan could be rolled out as early as next year by Aetna. Apple and Aetna have been approached for getting further information and updates will be made accordingly. Aetna had refused to give any comment.


Health Insurance Company has been joined by Apple so many times. Apple watch has been offered to 50, 000 employees of Aetna by Aetna. Large employers would be selected to offer the Apple watch announced by Aetna on last September. These talks could be considered as that announcement’s extension. It is the ambition of Aetna to offer it to a large field. To pull from large swaths of new health data are allowed to be added and insight has been provided by the activities of the customers of Health Insurance Company.

Promotion Of Apple Watch For Health And Fitness


For Apple, this deal would prove beneficial. As a result of it, for health and fitness, the apple watch get promoted heavily. This year, it is considered to be the top wearable vendor which beats Fitbit before the top spot in Q2 has been taken by Xiaomi. Biochemical engineers have been hired by Apple secretly. For checking the levels of blood sugar and diagnosis of other diseases the work on the sensors have beefed up which becomes practical for any health insurer who wants data-driven insights into the customer base of Apple.