The much-awaited Jio Phone is launched for Beta Testing

The first batch of Jiophone has been made available on Tuesday, August 15. Regrettably, this is the beta trial of this 4G feature phone. This phone is not available for the common customer. Significantly, this handset was presented at the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries. Let’s say that the user has been given a phone from Reliance Jio. Before the introduction of the common customers in September, Jio’s employees have to do its beta test. Jio Phone Beta Trial is intended to identify and remove software and hardware deficiencies before selling phones to common customers.


Jio phone has many features that are not common to feature phones. One of these important features is the 4G VoLTE support. Apart from this, the phone will support the multimedia app. During the beta trial, the company will test these features. The company has adopted Reliance Jio 4G network strategy for Jio Phone. JioPhone is probably just been made available to the employee of the company.

The official booking of JioPhone will begin on August 24. But Delhi-NCR’s selected offline retail store has started taking pre-order of this handset. This means that you can get a chance to book Jiophones before millions of people in the country. But it will depend on whether you have a retail store booking handset pre-order booking around this handset.

Jio phone booking with base number


To book JioPhone, you will have to give the authorized retailer a photo copy of your Aadhar Card. You will also need this paper in the Reliance Jio Outlet. At the moment, a person can book a unit on a base number across the country. So, with your mind, remove the illusion that you can go to different shops and book many handsets. After giving the copy of Aadhaar number, many details will be uploaded in the software. After this you will get a token number, this token number will work when they provide the phone.

Jio Phone Price

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani had announced on July 21 that Jio phones would be free in a way. But initially, Rs 1,500 will be taken as security amount. However, on booking Jiophone in the offline market, you will not have to give any amount except giving a base number. A number of Rs 1500 will be paid after the receiving the handset in hand. According to Jio, after using 36 months, the customer can get back this amount.