Android N Name Will Be Known in a Few Weeks

Android N Name Will Be Known in a ‘Few Weeks’

Android N Name Will Be Known in a ‘Few Weeks’. Do you remember these names – Cupcake, Jelly Bean, Lollipop, Marshmallow and many more? Of course, you do. Today, in this world of techno-savvy people, it is impossible to find someone who is not familiar with these names of Android OS. Before the Android 1.5 “Cupcake version in 2009, the Android versions were not called by specific code names, but later in September 2009 it was realized that these names like Android alpha sounded very dull and not so catchy. So, Google decided to rename these versions of Android OS. As a result, it came up with some fascinating concept of naming the Versions with confectionery- based themes.

To make this process of naming the Android version even more convincing and engaging, Google declared the #NameAndroidN campaign at the conference of Google I/O last month for naming the latest version Android N. In fact, in order to draw maximum attention, the Company also made a video invoking people to participate more in the campaign. Google has finally succeeded in involving its loyal customers to this campaign where the people were asked to send their suggestions regarding the names of the Android version. The campaign has come to a halt, and the results have arrived, but you need to hold on for few weeks. It is tough to control your inquisitiveness about the names; after all, you all have given your creative suggestions for it. Google needs to speculate over the name, and thus, it requires a time period of a few weeks to stage the name of the new Android N before the awaiting audiences.

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Google has also demanded some time because it needs to bring more advancement like indomitable feature, better functionality, etc. to raise the standard of Android OS. Android N is built with an aim of redefining technology as it would be equipped with two new messaging apps named Allo and Duo, other developments involve Alexa competitor Google Home, a new VR framework Daydream. This brand new version is right now under “developer preview” for few of the gadgets. The Android N will be released first with new Nexus devices and afterward with other gadgets in two to six months. Nevertheless, the Android N will reach us sooner or later, but one promise is guaranteed to be fulfilled i.e. Android N name is going to hit the market with a bang.

So, now you guys will have to just wait, wait, and wait…. for few weeks to see the results. It is true that your eyes are going to be glued to the clock – tick tock, tick tock!!! Obviously, since you are a participant of the campaign, you must be excited about it, but let me tell you one thing that it is not clear whether the final name for Android N would be selected from one of the outcomes of the campaign or not. The Company, if it does not find suggestions worthy, might name Android N on its own. Are your hopes shattered that your suggestions might get neglected? Don’t be a pessimist, let’s just stick to the fact and pray whatever be the name of the new Android N, it better be apt for it and proves to be a fab successor to its previous versions.