Facebook will soon provide 44 languages

Facebook will soon provide 44 languages

Facebook recently announced that it is trying to prioritize friends over brands, and the Tech Giant announced another update that Facebook would soon be making its multilingual composer accessible to the public. So Facebook will soon provide 44 languages to translate the posts instantly.

People use different languages to communicate, and 50 percent of people speak a language other than English, and some people are unable to understand it because of this language barrier between people Facebook will soon launch instant translator with 44 languages so that it will connect people more quickly.

There are many pages on Facebook, which have millions of followers and the owners of the page often share their messages in different languages because of this language barrier page owners have started posting things differently.

Firstly some owners create multiple posts which are written in different languages and then targets a particular group of audience for each post.

Others create their strung together with several versions of a message written in multiple languages into a long post.

Facebook will soon provide 44 languages

Facebook will soon provide 44 languages

Some page owners create separate pages for each language so that the people can follow the page they understand, but this adds to additional page management time and effort.

So Facebook finally decides to launch multilingual composer to pages and is now beta testing the feature with test groups of individual Facebook users.

The page owners can compose a single post in multiple languages and viewers who speak one of those languages can see the post in their language. This new service provided by Facebook will also enable diverse audiences to interact more easily with the pages and people they follow. The composer is used by 5,000 pages to post nearly 10,000 times per day on an average.

Facebook also noticed some under the hood challenges with this end to end multilingual experience which involved three components- the composer experience and editing flow, the storage implementation and the viewing experience.

To help the page owners create multilingual posts, Facebook is testing a pre-fill feature that takes the first message composed and uses the language translation to pre-fill the messages in the additional languages selected. Most pages wanted their followers to see the message only in the language they understand. It will surely remove the language barrier between people on Facebook.

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