Motorola X Force Review- World’s First Shatterproof Display

Motorola X Force Review : Motorola’ being one of the most successful brands of today has always focused on giving customer satisfaction through its impressive specifications and distinctive enviable design and horse-strength durability. This time, Moto has come up with Moto X-Force in its high range segment providing superb specifications and some added facilities too.

Motorola had officially declared its release in the Indian market to be in November 2015. Moto X-Force was then launched at the end of 2015 paving its way to becoming the most popular high-range premium quality smartphones of the year 2016. Moto X-Force has remarkable features, and one of the best features is its shatterproof display which adds glory to its design. Moto X-Force is the first smartphone to feature shatterproof display. The company has offered a four years warranty on the screen of this device and has also claimed that the ‘Shatter-shield’ technology used in this device is the result of a three years hard-work.

Motorola X Force Review

Motorola X Force

We have already discussed this amazing phone at the time when it was just launched. We talked about its unique shatter-shield display and the only phone featuring such magnificent feature. The company has also claimed that the shatter shield technology uses five layers in its display to guard against dents and abrasion and is designed to absorb shock and protect the screen from breaking.

Let’s checkout some Motorola X Force Features

Motorola X Force World’s first smartphone comes with shatterproof display. Check more new features of Moto X Force

Motorola X Force Design and Look

Design and Look: Lenovo has pitched the Moto X-Force as the most premium smartphone in its portfolio. Now hearing such claims, we look forward to its appearance first, and it seems that Moto as always, has lived up to the customer expectations concerning its design. Moto X-Force being a flagship standard phone has used the most premium of the materials that could be utilized in a smartphone.

Just like Moto Turbo, this gadget has also used ‘ballistic nylon’ at its rear end to protect itself from scratches and any damage. The ballistic nylon rear panel is smooth to touch but provides great protection. This smartphone is the first ever smartphone to use a shatterproof glass. The frame is entirely metal and rather feels robust and sturdy. It has got a big screen and every single material used compliments its design.

Motorola X Force Touch and Display

Touch and Display: The display of the phone is a 5.4 inches 1440×2560-pixel AMOLED screen, with a 540PPI density and 69.8 percent screen-to-body ratio. The phone is brilliant when it comes to color display and brightness, but it seems to have a slightly warm tone to it. The phone is incredibly sharp and detailed due to its excellent display resolution. As a consequence, it brings out the best in high-resolution videos. The screen uses shatterproof glass to protect itself from scratches and breaking. The display is made with a rigid aluminium core and dual touch panels.

Motorola X Force Review - Motorola recently launch new smartphone Moto X Force with great compatibility like shatterproof display, get more about price

Motorola X Force

Motorola X Force Software

Software: For a smartphone that costs nearly Rs.50,000 the software specification is the most important thing that we expect. And Moto X-Force lives up to this expectation of its customers. On the specs side, Moto X-Force boasts a 5.4 inches screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB RAM and comes in 32 or 64GB storage variants. The one with 32GB of inbuilt storage would cost you 49,999 INR, and the other one with 64GB of internal storage comes for 53,999 INR.

And if we go by the company claims then this phone is expandable up to a theoretical 2TB, though the current highest capacity of microSD cards is 200GB. This smartphone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and also features Moto Voice, Moto Migrate features. It is a single SIM smartphone that supports 4G connectivity with support for the TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE bands. It has a Bluetooth connectivity of 4.1 and the Wi-Fi connectivity of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and also supports NFC.

Motorola X Force Camera

Camera: Moto X-Force comes with a 21megapixel rear camera with variable focus and dual-tone LED flash. On the other hand, the front camera is of 5megapixels with single-tone LED flash and fixed focus. The rear camera can record up to 4K resolution video, and the front one can record full-HD resolution video. There are various modes to capture your videos and make it come lively. The images captured by both of the cameras, front as well as rear are very detailed.

Motorola X Force Battery Life

Battery Life: This smartphone has a non-removable 3760mAh battery and also supports the Qualcomm’s Fast Charge Technology. This new technology helps this phone to get fully charged in less than one hour. Fast Charge Technology is a very helpful feature coming in new smartphones. But there is one backdrop; it comes with a non-detachable USB cable, so you will need to buy a separate accessory to connect your phone to a PC. The battery life is good, and a powerful 25W charger that comes with it complements its charging capability.

Motorola X Force Variants and Price

Variants and Price: This premium quality phone comes in three colors and three storage options. The color variants are Black, Grey and White and the storage variants vary according to the price. One of the variants is priced at Rs. 49,999 and owns a 3GB RAM with 32GB inbuilt storage. The other variant comes for an additional price of Rs.53,999 where the RAM size is similar but the inbuilt exceeds to 64GB.

Motorola X Force Suggestions

Suggestions: This premium quality flagship standard smartphone of Motorola undeniably among the best of the smartphones that we have in the market right now. This phone is an overall package of good looks and great performance. This phone has exquisite display resolution and most importantly it is shatterproof. No smartphone has this feature till now and is quite prone to breaking which eats up half of your money in its repairment.

So with Moto X Turbo you are going to be tension free even if you have the habit of dropping your phone for numerous times. Even the camera specifications and the battery life is one of the best provided by any of the brands. But unfortunately, these features come at a considerable price.

For its high-end specifications and performance, you need to pay a demanding amount of around Rs.50,000. Moto X Turbo doesn’t seem to be as perfect as it seems as it lacks a fingerprint sensor and the dual-SIM connectivity. However, it is one of the most innovative and exciting smartphones we have seen till date. With amazing ratings for every single detail, Motorola entirely lives up to its claims.